Lestat Book Coven Discussion #4 Assignment Details and Questions


Lestat left a cryptic signature in the sand on the shores of Cape May, NJ, acknowledging the existence of our coven.


Hello &Good afternoon (or evening or morning) Lestat Coven Members:

Our first order of business concerns the lack of discussion, as of late, on the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group Page. After having extended the discussions to last the duration of a week (rather than one solo Monday), I was really excited that this might provide more people the wiggle room, in terms of time, to discuss the questions or any and all things pertaining to Interview with the Vampire, and even all the books of the Vampire Chronicles.

   This might be another failing on my part, and I would really love to hear your feedback. My email address, narniafanatic(at)gmail(dot)com is always open to private concerns about the group! There is always our Facebook Group Page, which is where everyone is free to post, really, anything. I have loved seeing everyone’s posts about their coveted copies of the Lestat comics or even posts from many of our own self-acclaimed, self-published writers on the page, sharing their cherished published works with the rest of the coven.

    I don’t expect discussion at all from any of you, pertaining to the books. No one is being graded or evaluated, based on the cumulative number of discussion posts. I am just generally curious about whether there is still a better way of running the discussions. Some have mentioned that it is too regimented, and others have commented that the schedule helps them. Maybe, I should pin the discussion questions and assignment details directly onto our Facebook group page, for the entire week. I encourage you to offer your suggestions!!

Here are some other exciting tidbits from the page:

**Watch Sumiko’s lovely video, about #PrinceLestat!!**

Check out these two rather exciting novels, from two of our own members of the coven:

Lucian Wilde’s Dark Wishing Well (Also, written by Wayne & Den Mussatto)

William Massa’s Fear the Light: Who Murdered Dracula?
Also, we have this #PrinceLestat contest from editor and regular contributor on Anne Rice’s Facebook Fan Page: Todd Barselow (freelance editor for many self-published writer’s novels). He is also a venerated member of the Talmasca!! (unofficially)

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Here is the portion of the newsletter that you are all excited to read, I’m sure! These are the assignment details and discussion questions for week#4 of the Lestat Book Coven discussion of Interview with the Vampire:

Assignment Details:

Once again, I’m restricting the number of pages to be read to only 24 pages. These pages are from the Barnes and Noble’s Omnibus edition of the Vampire Chronicles. Starting at pg. 94 (different for other editions) with the quote “The Vampire stopped. The boy said nothing.” The next twenty pages offers some interesting details in the beginning portion of Claudia’s education, under the shared parental responsibility of Louis&Lestat.

We are stopping at pg. 118 in omnibus edition or at the line “It was agreed upon to make plans. At once.”

Here are your two discussion questions; I am limiting them to only two, respecting the subjective business of everyone’s lives:

1.Compare and contrast the parenting styles of both Louis and Lestat, as they began sharing the responsibility of sharing the role of being parental figures for Claudia.

2. At the time this book was published in 1975, there was very little discussion in the way of same-sex parenting. Interview with the Vampire, at least to me, sheds some very interesting observations into the dynamics of a family that has same-sex parenting. In a broader sense (in the scope of vampire literature), it offers a subversive look at the structure of nuclear family (much like the sixties television series, The Addam’s Family, was a subversion of the conventional fifties, Leave it Beaver style of parenting). What are your own feelings about all of this? Do you feel that this element of the story is still too progressive, in a sense, for shrewd readers to fully accept?

Thanks Everyone& Can’t wait to hear all your thoughts on the above questions-
Justin Boyer
Literary Coven Leader

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gerry T says:

    I have only just joinrd. Please note: Contrary to publically promoted misconceptions, NOT everyone uses either Facebook OR Twitter, for extrememly sensible reasons of personal privacy and security. If we are not to be excluded from joining in, contact should also be available through email or direct response … i.e. this blog.
    Thank you.


  2. Josette says:

    Spot on – Gerry T


  3. Thank you Gerry for being open about your concerns about the way this group operates! On each of the discussion posts that are posted every Sunday night-Monday, you are more than welcome to leave your comments there, in response to the reading. I apologize, if my posts have been insinuating that only those who are on Facebook and Twitter can fully participate.

    I’ll make sure to emphasize this on the discussion #4 post for this Monday!!
    Justin B.


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