What will I forget?

 What will I forget? (The Inverse, Poetic Version  of Emilie Autumn’s “What Will Remember?)

               Having never woken up at 4pm again,,, I sleep into perpetuity
              My dreams write this poem
               Forgotten, detached Lullabies
Smeared like blood against the walls of my dying dreams
             I’m still thinking, I’m still dreaming
               Am I still alive?

          There’s the vanishing
bleep of life-support
          Trying to support something dying is truly
        A complete waste of an endeavor
        It reverberates through my mind-
      The beautiful tinkling of a phantom noise
Beep, Beep, Beep-
My disappearing act is summed up in one
      Clangorous , monosyllabic

I’m still here though
    Hearing the beep nevermore
    No everlasting beep
   To Furnish the silence of the dead
    What will I remember?
     What have I forgotten?
  As the dream of my dying thoughts vanish
 There’s no more…………….
 Not even a prayer………..  No AMEN to finalize this ineloquent pause
Before the great God of the medical machine                         Issues one last prayerful BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

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