News about Upcoming Reviews and Blog Features

   My blog has been on hiatus recently because I’m trying to prepare myself for next month’s huge blog theme (the Anne Rice fan month). Also, I have not really been in the writing mood for the last two weeks. Hopefully, things will change next month. Essentially, I’ll be reviewing titles that are similar to Anne Rice’s stories, and these will hopefully hold people over till more details are divulged from Anne Rice herself about her next book.

   Before that though, here are some upcoming book reviews for the end of July (as part of  Bewitching Book Tours)
   Additionally, I might squeeze in one comic book review for tomorrow as well, since I have been very negligent of writing reviews for Comic Wednesdays!
 July 26th: Deadlocked

July 30th

While you’re anxiously waiting for my verdict on either Discovery of Witches or Shadow of Night, check out this tour of Oxford! This wonderfully enchanting college is prominently featured in the earlier portions of the book. Also, you get to witness the author’s credibility as a historian; she utilizes her skills as both a historian and writer  effectively within the All Soul’s Trilogy (at least from what I’ve read of the first book thus far). (By the way, I forewarn you that the video might feature spoilers!)

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