Sister… is that you…
Staring from the glass membrane of the mirror
With bated breath
Stirring, Wishing to reclaim life

On the other side of the glass,
I scream plaintively
For a breakthrough
Except, there’s a puddle of blood…

Resting under your feet
From an unknown source
It plummets down
Dipping despondently into the river underneath

Am I imagining this?
Beginning to bleed profusely,
The stigmata on my arm
Mirrors your own gaping wounds

My female twin,
A mirrored self
 Why are you weeping so bitterly?
Stop your bloody crying!

Unresponsively, she twiddles with
A curl of blonde hair
Playfully, Perilously
Unaware of her impending demise

Separated from her,
I’m left barren
With an inescapable
Fate of death by blood-letting

Without me, how can neither of us endure?
Male and female twins
Formerly coexistent
Now forcibly split

In the reasonable reality,
I’m left to wither
Unfulfilled by my female twin
Ceasing to exist in my reflection

Death is the only curative
To rejoin ourselves
Together we must bleed
In hopes of this split being patched

Within and Without the mirror
I cannot exist without her,
Neither can she without her brother
In death, What is left of me?

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