The “Oxymoron” of Love

Love is burdensome
A heavy weight upon the soul
It can exude an unremitting coldness
Within the soul or
excruciatingly burn us

When a friend of ours departs from our lives,
The world seems abuzz with soothing lies
On each side of the unplanned conflict
Each person on opposing side acts
Unreservedly, out of love for another
Under the guise of pure hatred for the other

Love and hate are coexistent
 Hate is often the cruelest drug
For a sorrowful heart that has been maimed by love
While, love tragically becomes the justification for hate
Both these divergent forces collide, and
Destructively bring forth
Chaos and Bitterness

When we love deeply
Our pain penetrates even deeper
Hatred even efficiently
Sinks into the depths of our heart
Love is easily outmatched
Dissolving into the acidic liquid
Of hate perversely trying to
Wash away our sins

Every pang of hatred
Has love resolutely underpinning it
A hateful heart ultimately seeks love
While a loving heart must accept
Hatred into their heart

Love and Heat
Birth and death
Attraction and Repulsion
Motion and Inertia
All work in opposition
To drive the universe
Into Life

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