Cosmic Redemption

My heart was ablaze

With an inextinguishable fire
I loved my enemy so deeply that
It torched the contents of my heart
Just to cling to the hope of forgiveness
Why is forgiveness so impossible?
Every single person that I’ve known 
In this transient life
Are sprinkled like stars 
Across the expanse of the universe
Nearly all of them dim, and
Inevitably burn out
Without a sigh, or even a cry
There is nothing for me
Without some semblance of hope
Within the miraculous power of forgiveness
Why cannot I not be reconciled?
My body has been coiled in a snake of flames
My guilt tortures me to the point 
Where I fail to remember the 
Power vested in mercy
Towards the end of our lives,
Will this irreconcilable sorrow
Restively float beyond ourselves
Into the expansive universe
Does our soul ever find rest?
Or does our pain just cave in,
Forming a black hole
Or, is a new star borne out of the
Debris of our discontented selves
Will forgiveness resurrect us
From the fragmented dust of a self
That has stopped believing evermore
In the universe’s miraculous power of redemption

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