Anne Rice’s “The Wolf Gift” Releases In Two More Days!! Quick Reminders Before the Dawning of that Day..

     The seemingly long wait for Anne Rice’s much anticipated werewolf is coming to a close. While I would love to depict this momentous moment as “reaching the precipice.” I don’t think any of us find the release of “The Wolf Gift” to be something precipitous. Instead, many of us cannot wait to carve out some relaxation time to fully immerse one’s self into this wonderfully action-packed novel.

   Before February 14th becomes a reality, I have a few reminders to share with my loyal blog readers:

-First of all “The Wolf Gift,” Poetry Contest officially ends tomorrow. Right now, I am slowly compiling all the entries and creating a booklet which will be entitled “The Werewolf Anthology, Presented by “The Poets of the Page.” It just so happens that the acronym for Anne Rice’s loyal Facebook page followers (or minions, as her critics derogatorily name us..): “The People of the Page,” or “POTP” works wonderfully with “Poets of the Page.” The same acronym applies to both respective titles. Anyways, you can still enter before midnight, February 13, 2012. Contest details can be found here, and all poems must be werewolf-themed.
– Additionally, tickets are still available for the Philly signing whilst tickets for the Toronto event are sadly sold-out. Also, there are additional dates which are conveniently provided on Anne Rice’s website.

-Finally, if you somehow missed out on pivotal posts from “The Wolf Gift” countdown on my blog, here are the specific links that will take you to both “my review of “The Wolf Gift,” along with a special interview with Anne Rice.

-Links of Interest for “Countdown to “The Wolf Gift”

My Review of “The Wolf Gift”

Special Interview with Anne Rice

Additional Note: After February 14th, there will be a number of posts that will discuss “The Wolf Gift” through a philosophical/psychological lenses.

I’m purposely waiting till more people have had ample time to read the novel, so the posts may not appear till April or May.

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