Anne Rice Philadelphia Signing/”Wolf Gift” Release
Its astonishing to see these two single events occurring simultaneously. When Philly has long been overlooked by a number of publishers, it has become the first signing, and the site of the unofficial “Wolf Gift” release party in a sense. To help Anne Rice feel welcome to Philly, I’ve compiled a list of sites that she might want to see before heading to the library where she’ll later be signing dozens of books, and participating in an onstage interview.

Where do you want to Anne Rice to visit in Philly?
    Site 1: Poe’s Former Philadelphia Home: Recognized as a “National Historical Site. For a time, Philly and Baltimore feuded over who can lay claim to having Edgar Allan Poe recognized for living in their city for a longer amount of time.
(More Information about this site can be found by clicking the picture below!)

Poe house
Site 2: Church of Christ in Philadelphia: 
    At a point in history, George Washington and other notable American Revolutionary figures have sat within this  historical church. On previous trips, Anne Rice has explored churches, and provided videos that detailed her slow, thoughtful journey through each one of these churches. Will “Church of Christ,” be featured on her Philadelphia itinerary on February 14th?

Where else can Anne Rice visit during her short stay in Philadelphia: Independence Hall, Betsy Ross’ House, the site of the Liberty Bell, the Art Museum, and many other fascinating places?

******If you have not bought your tickets yet for the signing at the Philadelphia Free Library on Feb. 14, 2012 at 7:30pm, click here!!!!!!!!!!!!!**********

Do you have any suggestions? 

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