“The Wolf Gift” Countdown”

The Werewolf’s Beloved Moon

Once upon a time, serenity filled my craven soul
Now, it overflows with toxic vengeance
The woman who I doted on never eloped
Nor has she dreamed of me
Since the day we kissed
In her heart, there burned a lust for someone
Who had neither my face,or my heart

Where was my heart?
It only throbbed loudly
When I phased into
The very manifestation
Of my bereaved,vengeful soul
It was a wolf;
My heart’s howl signaled its release

The memory of her flaxen hair
Waved in my memory
That warmth of being kissed was welcoming
Unlike the brutal heat of my werewolf body
Which overheated with the rage over
This woeful loss
How dare she have passion for someone else?

Originally, she accused me of being adulterous
Was my chivalry a deceptive facade
That hid my sordid passion?
Did our internal souls truly love others,
but never ourselves?
Perhaps, the face of our passion was truly never
The ones we convinced ourselves of being
Passionately in love with

Confusion was the over-domineering feeling
Surmounting all known human thoughts
Within this primeval
Werewolf mind
Why couldn’t I kill her, or cast a curse upon her?
I could only feebly mourn the loss of our love
Which became so paradoxical
To the extent of becoming nonexistent

With the ravenous hunger roaring within
My forlorn spirit,
I howled to the indifferent face
Of the Full Moon
Whom had the face of my lover
While the solemn howl resounded through the
Lonesome darkness of the evening
I swore that small rain drops
From the developing storm clouds
Shadowing her darkened gaze
Tickled my nose

Howling desperately once more,
I incoherently pleaded for repentance
Except, her face and light became unseen
Tucked beneath the blanket of clouds
Strolling across the naked sky and
Bringing a torrent of her tears
Once she finally departed from my world

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