“The Wolf Gift” Countdown:

Updates on Nonexistent Theme/New Plans:

       As usual, it seems that I have neglected my duty to be updating this blog with the planned posts that were supposed to revolve around certain supernatural entities/figures/individuals/creatures that related partly to the supernatural aspects of Anne Rice’s novel. “Mummy” month have a few stray posts, and now witch month which was to be this month, January 2012, will probably not happen as originally planned. By nature, I’m scatter-brained and that factored in the nonexistent presence of any of the posts that I had promised everyone.

   Instead of having such a wide topic, I am narrowing down the focus of the countdown posts to “werewolves.” On Anne Rice’s Facebook page, a number of her passionate fans have been posting “Wolf Gift” related countdown posts that pertain to wolves in general. I’ll be doing the same thing for the next forty days or so till the release of the much anticipated Anne Rice novel.

     Along with these posts, I’ll have a four-part interview which Anne Rice obligingly allowed. I’m still amazed by her receptiveness to fans. The questions were rather difficult to write as her books really made a very deep impression on me. Additionally, I wrote some rather dense questions as there are so many underlying elements that are pivotal to appreciating the artistry of her books. Every time, I ponder certain sequences from her books; new questions are raised while many interesting insights are developed.

    Please respond to the posts, and help convince me to keep making contributions to these countdown posts!Be on the lookout for many wolfish posts over the course of January, and early February!! 

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