Note to Readers of “A Bibliophile’s Reverie”

I’ve been struggling to juggle all the tasks that must be completed before the end of my semester. Once I get to the blog, all my creative energy is expended. Since, I want my posts be high quality and not the product of a lack of inspiration: I’m making some needed alterations to my schedule for the “Wolf Gift” Countdown. Instead of having it begin in November as originally planned, the countdown officially begins this month. Now, the three supernatural entities/individuals/creatures will be vampires/mummies for the month of December, witches for January, and werewolves for February (during the month when “Wolf Gift” is slated to release.

Please be patient with me as I slowly, but surely finish all my  college assignments. This time is very hectic for college students. My whole semester itself has been jam-packed with about four heavy-duty literature courses. By the time, I’m able to read anything for potential review upon this blog; I’m so thoroughly exhausted with reading that I have to read something that piques my interest. It cannot be another book that I must force myself through in order to adequately access it.

Thank you for your understanding!! “A Bibliophile’s Reverie has only been on hiatus recently not because I’ve abandoned any plans of reviewing anything!! Soon enough, I’ll be back with many posts!!

Until then, Prepare yourself for vampires and mummies this month!!!

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