“Hellmouth” Republic School District Maligns and Repeatedly Punishes Rape Victim:
(A Response to these two news articles-posted below)
 Article 1:http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2011/08/17/297888/missouri-school-sued-for-allegedly-making-special-ed-student-write-apology-letter-to-her-rapist/

2. Details of Righteous Lawsuit, from parents of the victim:http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/08/17/national/main20093533.shtml

   In our supposed morally ambiguous world, we are constantly in doubt about the psychological makeup or the characteristic signs of evil. Evil always seems boisterous as it boasts about its unpunished evil act. For this school district, they are certainly not wearing somber faces but smug ones because they know that they knowingly endangered a rape victim with a mental handicap. They are well aware that they took no preventive steps to insure this girl’s safety. Instead, they are acting legalistic to the point where they are publicly making their indifference known about the matter.

   What is this maleficent school district showing this girl who lacks certain cognitive powers? They are showing that superior mental powers do not always translate to acute moral senses. Occasionally, it makes someone more malicious to the extent where they can endanger this girl’s life without a shred of remorse. To me, these sorts of stories make it known to the world that sadly evil is existent and that it sometimes has no recognition of its self. Instead, this school continues to defend its insidious actions as though its reputation in the end is more important.

 We are witnesses to this same sort of defense of  institutional reputation within the Catholic Church which slowly, but surely is realizing the immorality of pretending that evil cannot penetrate its walls. (There are many moral champions inside and outside of the church who many are deeply grateful for!) In this frame of mind, from these institutions, the bearers of truth are vilified for standing up for justice in the face of an overwhelming amount of evil that vies for victory. In these cases, the small person like in many Charles Dickens stories are the ones who are honorable as they face opposition in the form of a depraved institutions.

Republic School District, for this matter, has surely shown themselves to be clearly depraved. Their decision to punish the victim of sexual abuse not once, but numerous times is indicative of their failure to protect the innocent. It’s proof that sadly some people are still adherents of the corrupt “rule of silence,” for any victims of rape. We thought that this truly malicious rule was restricted to the fifties but it still dwells in the minds of some people. Some people are so convinced by its legitimacy that they would ignorantly punish this girl to only safeguard the reputation of their school district of ill-repute.

Below, I have provided a link to the school district’s home page. I ask all of you to consider writing a thoughtful email charged with incendiary words to describe your anger over this school district’s horrific offense of human rights.
The Link to the School district located above the famed Hellmouth (Buffy allusion):
Superintendent Email Address:Vern.Minor@republicschools.org 

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