Heavenly Hallucination
Inspired by Anne Rice’s Memnoch the Devil

He sure was congenial-
That wily Devil
Who adorns himself with so many disguises
Yet, he tells me he can reveal the truths
Hidden beneath the metaphysical
Fabrics of heaven and Earth
Reluctantly, I complied-
But, the devil smiles sardonically
Maybe, it’s all just a lie
No, I’ll never achieve this again
Satan, I am complicit
If only to find validation
Of the deepest yearnings of my
Immortal soul
Upon entering heaven,
I was thrown to the ground
By the magnificent force
Of the rapturous singing
That only Angels create
In the nuances of the tune,
I heard my desire
Rendered into a beautiful symphony
About my intrinsic need for redemption and purpose
I pored over books in heaven which were
Endless, like the scope of heaven
Upon earth, I could never recount
The information
But, I can recall the
Profound elation that
Feels now like a vague sense
Of its true gravity
Suddenly Satan weaved his woeful tale
He had his questions about
The elusive methods of God
It was the reason for his downfall
The grandeur of heaven was too unreal
There had to be some ounce of imperfection
 Underpinning the entire grand design
Of this heavenly oasis
Now, he was educating forsaken
Earthly souls and
Educating them to be penitent
In order to escape the infernal
Landscape of hell
He didn’t know if he was still allied with God
For God still appeared divinely angered
At the devil’s inquisitiveness
I’ve seen horrific imagery
Terrifying flashes of perdition
Edifying images of heaven
Yet, I could place my confidence in either of these places
I could only disbelieve
Because all that I’ve seen
Is far above the lowly
Cognitive powers of someone like me
In the end when I awoke,
I felt shaken to the core
Now, I could only fall deep
Into some catatonic state
Till I could rediscover my bearings
Within this Godless prison  

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