Are you prepared to go Faster, and Faster, and Faster for the next week on A Bibliophile’s Reverie?

    Within Temptation’s newest album is preparing to be released. For the United States, the album will see its release on March 29th which is a bit less than two weeks at this moment. Knowing me, I cannot contain my excitement. I have an insatiable need to hear this album and concentrate upon the surface level of the music. Ultimately, I’ll fracture the surface level of the sound of the music once my own emotional self begins to pair off with some parts of the music that resonates with me. In doing so, I am developing an addiction to the music.

  Within Temptation has never failed to succeed in creating meaningful, dynamic music experiences that impacts you. Within the music, you are practically “within temptation,” to some extent. The music has a cinematic, epic allure that traps you unfailingly. Once you’re caught within the net of their sound, you’ll always be returning to that sound to receive that same euphoric high that Within Temptation injects into your brain.

    Somewhere within your brain,    Sharon’s beautiful voice is tempting you once more to listen to one track then the entire album. Forgo life’s demands for once and allow the music to plunge you into musical nirvana.

   For the next week, I’ll be playing psychologist and be psychoanalyzing my  unhealthy addiction to this bombastic, Dutch-metal band. What are the elements of this music that prove to make it irresistible to the music lover? Why do you need to listen to it repetitively without end to be sated partially. The need for Within Temptation just never vanishes. For me, just one recall of a specific string of notes or lyrics creates this desire to listen to the real thing. Hearing the endless, remembered echo within my mind just does not do it for me.

So prepare yourself blog readers: By March 29th, you’ll want to become one of “The Unforgiving,” that are drafted by Mother Maiden to eliminate obnoxious Within Temptation fanboys.

Until then,you will be stalked by the most insanely obsessive blog posts about Within Temptation Muahahahaha…..

By the way, for the uninitiated: Check out Within Temptation’s first promotional video for their new album:

     It is totally unconventional in that there is a comic book being written specifically for the album. Therefore, the short film that precedes the actual video for the song relates with the story that will be completely unveiled within comic books that are planning to be released. In my short life, Ive never seen any band tried their hands at doing this sort of concept. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this!!

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