Prayer for Japan

 Dear Lord,

   If you are as empathetic as you appear, I’m sure that your cries of sadness proceed along with the anguished cries of so many within Japan. Surely, if my neurons are not deceiving me in this  perilous moment, you have some plan orchestrated. Nobody can ascertain if that means that this nightmarish cycle of destruction will immediately cease. If anything, the situation within Japan could potentially worsen which might cause the world to struggle even harder to grasp you. I mean, How can any conjure you within their minds when the sadness within all of us destroys any hope within order and meaning to this world?

   At this point, I’m praying to you as though you are a nonentity. My mortal senses are failing and I cannot lucidly see your glory or majesty within the chaos that blinds me. In this solemn hour as the whole world gasps nervously and expects the worst for Japan, we are collectively atheists. We are far too burdened by the madness that seems to dominate Japan’s situation.

  Please Lord, make me believe that you are omnipotent. I don’t want to believe that everything about my self is not a devised accident. At this point, I’m crying with every bereaved soul within Japan and all across the world.Even from a distance, I feel their pain and they need reassurance that their situation will not free fall into some nihilistic nightmare.

I plead with you now to have mercy on this world of ours. There may be a high possibility, I’m only pleading with myself since you might not exist. But at least this deranged illusion of mine that presents order to this world offers some hope within a world that defies it.


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  1. Very compelling post Justin. It's hard to reconcile evemts like this whether you believe in God or not.


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