More About my Novel in the Works, “Death Seer,” The first of three books.

Please do not inconsiderately copy or emulate any of the ideas shared here!It is not meant for others to steal story ideas that I have developed for many years. These are bare details luckily and therefore would be hard to structure the same story precisely. I am sharing this here to answer the many who ask casually”So, what is this Death Seer about…?”

The Answer in my Overwrought language: 

Truthfully, I feel rather discomforted by the idea of informing any small group of people about my story in formation. Though I really do not like the second option which would be to keep the story pent up when discussing it freely would allow the story to grow. In simple terms, the story acts as a dystopian story told from the perespective of a death seer. What is a death seer? My character, who’s aptly named Sam or Samuel, has the ability to augurs someone’s death by peering into the irises of the eyes. All underlying meaning or implications related to this story are largely unintentional.

Basically, the story acts as a trilogy, according to my trusty, rough outline. And throughout it I explore the meaning of death, the implications, the philosophy, the psychology. In other words, I attempt to describe the undefinable by using the framework of a fictitious story. Add in a supreme, restrictive government that hides beneath the visage of religion, a few additional characters with strange powers that act as psychic link between the physical and metaphysical. Involve some social issues, emotional struggles, exhilarating fight scenes without breaking the flow of the story and your end result is an enthralling story.

Why do I dare post these minimal details on this site. Because the tools being used in this story happen to be respected and upheld here. Unconsciously, the story is shaping into a disguised Christian story and strangely uses a large quantity of literary alchemy techniques. I had no knowledge that these literary devices even had names. When planning out this novel, I simply asked myself the few questions: What are the psychological effects of being able to intimately experience someone’s death through a prevision? Through these visions, the boy’s also offered knowledge of the subconscious. Knowing human being’s dispositions, sound justification, and unforgiven wrongs; how many human beings can truly be permitted access to heaven.

Actually of all the huge questions explored in this story, the simplest one would be: How can any human being bask in heaven, with the sure knowledge their loved ones are in hell? I’m not including the specific story information that relates to this. Ultimately though, this particular question drives the plot of three planned novels and offers us an experience with a diverse cast of human beings, wrestling with the belief of God and it’s ramifications.

I may, but probably will not post any written, unedited fragments of this story. Being a natural perfectionist, it takes a large quantity of effort to post excerpts. Honestly, I find my writing to be pedantic or confusing. The small number of people who have read it have accused me of using a Thesaurus. Except, I never have perused a Thesaurus for any type of writing. My only tools including Microsoft Word and a dictionary without use of the Thesaurus. I naturally have a wealth of knowledge about bizarre words due to being a bibliophile. Any free time in my life includes reading time. And I have been reading excessively since the age of six or seven. But still, I strive for a language that a wide audience can understand without diminishing the meaning of the story. That is a constant challenge for any writer: to write coherently and poetically simultaneously.

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  1. Emmy says:

    Oh, we are so alike;) I mean with word usage and everything! Can't wait to hear more about your book!


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