Death’s Demise

                Death overlooked the idyllic wasteland below the banister of his dwellings. Flowers were in bloom, and the scene was unpleasant due to its extreme optimism.  Even the trees were arched straight and were filled with sheets of healthy green leaves. Nothing could be more abhorrent than to see such bliss. Even the denizens of this perversion were whistling merrily while shuffling off to their gratifying jobs. No disconcerting screams of pain could be heard in this land.
The whole scene below him appeared incomplete without Death. It needed that small ounce of misery in order to make the scene complete. Some tree needed to become unwieldy with burden. The petals of the flowers needed to be properly scorched till the color disappeared. And those merry bumpkins, who littered the prairie space with their sinful happiness, needed to be removed from the scene. Death had to make its presence known.
So death stealthily moved about the glorified prairie and quietly stepped upon the cobblestone pathway. The pathway cracked with the impact of Death’s daring steps; while the blanket of grass, bordering the path, turned yellow with Death’s quiet sneers.
As death pranced happily about the cobblestone path, trees collapsed and the mirthful citizens gasped. Without forewarning, the prairie’s citizens became inanimate. Their former life of purpose and meaning was meddled with. Children and adults alike cried endlessly over the meaningless carcasses of their loved ones. The only remaining lives were the happy memories held in the fogged minds of those fearing Death.  
Death cackled while more people befell their deaths. Piteous screams erupted from the people. Death thought they were pathetic to offer prayers to some ruler of an afterlife. This was their final termination. Once they died, the illusion of life would be abolished.
One boy still walked through the wreckage of the death surrounding him. He walked upright with confidence. The locks of his dark blonde hair shimmered in the obscene darkness of the world. His blue eyes discerned the dark, searching for one last piece of happiness.
Death laughed then sniveled. He laughed hard enough to cry at the ridiculousness of this boy’s steady hope. What could this boy potentially find?
Suddenly the boy pointed confidently to Death’s blackened form. “Please I implore you Death, Kill me. I’m much too happy.” The boy announced his plans with a surprising amount of determination.
Death was daunted by this boy’s willingness to die. No life force has ever asked for death.
                “Fine, I shall do as you command. You’re the last form of life in this miserable place.” The boy suddenly became dominated by a feeling of strangulation. He breathed one slow breath and then exhaled his last. Finally, the boy crumpled to the ground. He was dead.
                Death laughed aloud at his success. Then the gathered memories of those he killed became unrepressed. Death died with the unwillingness to accept their worth.
                Life awakened soon and reverted to its former glory. In this remade world, life was the master.

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