A Poetic Responce to Kamelot’s “Poetry for the Poisoned.”

Complete Chaos
The Great Pandemonium
A clangorous noise
Echoes through the caverns
Of a depraved mind and
Shakes the foundations
In support of the temple of sanity
Clutching the frame of my skull
Grasping for nonexistent equilibrium
If tomorrow came
Would it reestablish peace?
In my tumultuous thread of thoughts
Consulting the zodiac,
I only reconfirm the ever present darkness
That leaks through the dank nerve passages
In an inconsolable mind
Suddenly a panorama of stars brightened
Through the canvass of abysmal darkness
Preserving the coldness in my mind
The Hunter appears, resplendent
Reaffirming the solitude on the outside
So, I plunge deeper into my mind
Escaping the material
And think once more
On the House on the Hill
An illusion that offers false security
While the chaos around me endures
From outside that house, I stand atop
The Morbid Necropolis
Surrounded with fragile glass flowers
Beneath me, infernal forces
Blaze through the city’s structures
Shredding the humanity from the
City’s cultured corpse
Within me, my train of thoughts
Chug effortlessly towards
My small sanctuary of serenity
Then, it Derails and produces
Toxic cynicism
A Seal of Woven Years,
My amassed memories of beauty
Futilely Consoles my smoldering corpse
That still lights with malevolent flames
Sometimes, the beauty begins to disintegrate
Though it works tirelessly to remain intact
An image of my deceased loved one
Recites evocative prose
To my poisoned mind
Afterwords, the desiccated body of my lover
Becomes more pronounced as
They Outreach their bloodied hands
To my blackened hands
And offer me an opportunity to be immortal
“Once upon a time”
I whisper detachedly
Reminding the devilish demon
Of my lover’s true state
Spontaneously, the figure blackens
Along with my own horizon of blackness
With this, I will regain light soon enough
Only until the turbulent storm returns once more

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pure win. I'm glad there's another Kamfan around here. Poetry for the Poisoned grew on me very quickly, and I can't find a bad track on that album (with the exception of their cover of "Where the Wild Roses Grow" on the special edition). I like your response to it too. Awesome 😀


  2. Justin B. says:

    Thanks for the response! My blog always seems to have a small number of comments. And I wrote the response due to a spontaneous burst of creative thought. I didn't expect any response to this poem.And Poisoned for the Poetry has taken over a month for me to appreciate it. Truthfully, I think the album's dark tone does not cause immediate appreciation. But, I think my constant thoughts surrounding the music's cryptic themes definitely prove it's a wonderful album.Also, I think "Where the Wild Roses grow?" is the exception to the high quality of the album. Roy Khan sounds bored in the recording of that song.


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