In our world of sensory overload, finding quietude can be an impossible task. Religious discussions can be a difficult task due to the reality of this fabricated world. Temporarily, it coaxes us and dangerously distracts us from our intimate connection to the unknown qualities of the metaphysical. When refaced with these unanswerable questions once again, we grudgingly accept them to filter through our heads for a few minutes. As the delirium overtakes from the confusion these questions create. We divert ourselves once again into the passive, ignorant world whose spectacles lightly remind us again of these troubling questions.

I bask in this unfamiliar realm of incessant questions. For me, this world inspires me to write when the other world only deters me effectively. In this insular world filled with unverified notions, I can craft some narrative that seeks to offer a viable explanation for the mysterious forces that pervade this separate, uninhabited dimension.  Even when these stories require me to stall the constant stream of anxiety within my body. This constant stream of anxiety, this miasma of hypothetical thoughts, allows me to breathe in this world.

What do I speak of when referring to this world? I am speaking about the imagination, the muse, the world crafted by our pensive selves.  The Greeks beheld this world because sometimes it was the only safe realm to inhabit. They resided in it and allowed the thread of questions to draw lines between the innumerable stars that stretch themselves across the sky. With their imaginations, they could conceive ideas of love that are largely restricted in their material world.

Now in our material world, we’re neglecting this internal world of ours. We fear that this beautiful sanctuary of ours is not permissible in a pragmatist’s world. Instead, we must attempt to eradicate or repress any inclination to once again visit this world. Futilely, we must do the unthinkable and suppress our  one connection to the metaphysical. Instead, we must make the metaphysical practical and easily explained.

With institutionalized religion, we simply codify religious information. There will never be one more moment of thinking of a God that’s free of boundaries or prejudices. Soon enough, we ascribe to the belief in the institutionalized God. This God is devoid of mystery, wonder,love, forgiveness, and prudence. Instead this God is corporeal, limited, petty, and vindictive. We allow him to exist through our fear of defying the greater human power. They’ve indicated to us that this God provides the only pathway to heaven. Any type of extrapolation about an alternative would lead oneself down to hell.

With this, we neglect our spiritual bodies or our only pathway to the enigmatic metaphysical realm. Our minds become inundated with  facts remembered by rote memorization. A large percentage of our brains becomes unused and forgotten. Only the paltry 20 or 30% becomes utilized and these only work as memory cells that retain the religious information. Anxiety and depression threaten to surmount our minds through the determination of our spiritual selves. Yet we prescribe these things with trite prayers and uninspired mantras. God only becomes our Lexapro that’s  taken to suffuse us with a pretense of meaning to the world.

Through God’s eyes, we’ve always been dead. We’re thoughtless, ignorant, and belligerent robots. Our souls have been seeking that connection through ourselves by wanting us to become catatonic. Because, only through that would a few humans see the wonders of our souls and possibly find our true destinies. People will barrage us with judgments because they only understand the dark world without mirth. But, we do not need to sustain ourselves through feigned happiness or acceptance. According to our souls, we are meant for something far greater than the imposed sense of ourselves.

We are the ones who are spirited in our protests against all forms of injustice. Through our ensouled selves, we sight the troubles of the world. Empathy becomes our means of synthesizing the many types of information or knowledge in the world. Because we see with empathetic eyes or discerning ones, the world abhors us. All types of archaic classifications are destroyed in our minds. We know these sorts of classifications were designed to preserve the superficial world that sees without empathy. These classifications are a means of controlling every single individual. We’re the ones who can see past the falsity of the “matrix” world. Our souls have allowed us to do that. The fabricated hierarchy has been used to disguise the true evil for far too long. The inquisitive know that the gay population, the feminists, the artists, and the liberals are not the antagonists.

We’ve abandoned the indoctrinated information that we digested with our soulless selves. For a time, we saw the world that was void of artistry. Our only aesthetics were  the artificiality of your beliefs, the lack of love that you seem to exude. Reading books, appreciating art, and listening to music has rendered that world of yours an illusion. In ourselves, we hunger love, substance, and authenticity. With the short allotted time to exist, we are no longer abiding by your laws of a empty world.

Like the Greeks before us, we will stare at the myriad of stars  that are resplendent in the sky. This panorama gives justice to the mystery and the glory of this universe and the incorporeal universe. Internally, we believe in the cause that wrought this effect, God. But the God we sight cannot be manipulated or modified. Our lives themselves become manifested by the attempts we make to understand the inexplicable. We’ll live our short lives with love and autonomy. Moreover, we want our spiritual journeys to be authentic rather than created by some human force.

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