Now, it’s official, I’ll be attending Book Expo America on May 24th of this year. Be sure to be on the lookout for pictures and a full report of the happenings of that day and any other pertinent details.

Instead of writing a full review today of one said novel. I have decided to include a five small snippets of reviews of five novels I’ve read in the past that I highly recommend. Due to being dependent on old memories and feelings, the review shall be terse and reflect the limited nature of the brain’s limited storage. And instead of including all five books here, I will post an individual review each day of this week, beginning today.

First Recommendation:
The Door Within Trilogy:
Even though it’s been an estimated three or four years since reading these books, I still remember key elements, characters, and events. That alone attests to the quality of the book since most books only offer fleeting experiences. Wayne Batson’s writing style suits the epic nature of the story and helps lead the reader excitedly through a story filled with ingenious allegory. Most readers will overlook the fact the book’s defined as being a part of the Christian Fantasy genre. And the reason for this lies with the subtle allegory that imbues the story with spirituality that empowers.

Expect action sequences, an eclectic band of characters, underlying Christian themes, and a detailed map. Remembering this book causes me to have a great need to reread it. Even if the exact points of my opinion changes after reading through the book again, I’m fairly confident the story will be as riveting as it was during my first read through. I highly recommend this book for persons of any age and any reader with varying interests.

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