What I’m Reading This Week? Along with Important Updates

What I’m Reading?
The Great Hunt of the Horn(Wheel of Time No.2) Continuing with my read through of the entire Wheel of Time series, I’m about to finish this hefty, but very engrossing entry in this series. My goal,as of now, is to read approximately one Wheel of Time book per month
Sandman (Issues 1-20) After having heard only mentions of the brilliance and genius if these comics, I’ve finally decided to read through them. Thanks to the interlibrary loan system in my county’s library’s for saving me money!!
Secrets of Eden (Chris Bohjahlian) I’m reading this, in part because of an impending signing happening at a local Barnes and Knobles. Though the greatest reason for reading this is due to my book discussion group at the library (the one I work at!) earning VIP spots in the autographing line.
Update 1: It’s been quite a difficult task to delete every single spam comment that lies existent on this blog. In order to further prevent these from coming onto my blog, I’ve set my comments to moderation and also word verification will be used for any comments made on this blog. Yes these can create an inconvenience but it’s well worth it to keep certain raunchy messages from appearing again on this blog.
Update 2: For any who live in Pennsylvania and have been closely following my reviews of Maria V. Snyder’s books. I’m planning a release party for her April release of “Inside Out.” Since she lives in Pennsylvania, the actual party is scheduled to take place at Exton Square Mall’s Borders Express. More information can be found on her webpage. Though I’m planning for a costume contest with prizes, along with a debate about why we think Valek’s superior to Edward Cullen or why Yelena’s a better female protagonist than Bella Swan. Ignore the latter, I wish not to offend any Twilight fans with any such festivities. But a costume contest will exist and any costume is welcome as long as it does not become too inappropriate.

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