There’s a certain combination of elements within a novel that readily intrigues me. That specialized combination’s one of Gothic romance and horror. A Certain Slant of Light begins amazingly, as it pulls us into a story featuring a rogue soul whose psychologically never accepted the idea of death. Due in part to a lingering loneliness in relations to unrequited romance.

One day as she’s watching over her host, Mr. Brown. She spies another soul, though this souls implanted within a host’s body, instead of shadowing it. A pivotal conversation is held between both of them and thus the story ensues. We are immediately swept into a wonderfully engrossing romantic tale of both souls overcoming the challenges of finding suitable host bodies, so they may share the passionate love they both hold for one another.

Though the story’s premise and overall plot are extremely compelling; the story seems to move rapidly and various elements are left shrouded. The main character’s past memories remain only slightly touched upon towards the end of the story. Also various details about her host’s parents are omitted all in favor of presenting passionate love scenes between the two souls.

But even with these minor blunders, the story soars and is wholly engrossing. Be prepared to have your heart tugged as we delve into the fractured psyches of two teens. Then we are shown how these souls must overcome the trauma these host bodies felt while developing their relationship all the while. This book’s definitely recommended for any fans of Gothic romance aka. Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. An extra bonus for all Bronte addicts, there’s an allusion to Jane Eyre during the latter half of the novel. Hopefully some will find this gem of a young adult novel and be as touched intimately as I was.

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