This month’s CSFF Blog Tour Book:Offworld by: Robin Parrish

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Christopher Burke and his crew of NASA astronauts are the first human beings to walk on the surface of Mars. Their return to Earth was supposed to be a momentous day. But a surprise is waiting for them there that’s beyond imagining.

Safe after a treacherous landing in Florida, the crew emerges to find the unthinkable: every man, woman, child, and animal has vanished without a trace.

It’s not a dream.

It’s not a trick.

It’s real.

Alone now on their home planet, the crew sets out to discover the extraordinary secret behind the disappearance of mankind. And whether or not everyone can be brought back.

But they may not be as alone as they thought.

For this month’s review of “Offworld,” I’m offering a free copy of the book that will be rewarded to anyone who posts upon this blog. Your chances will increase for each additional comment upon another blog post of mine. Last month, no one won the award as no one commented upon my blog albeit the author. Please read and comment!! My blog’s been rather lonely as of recently.
Winners shall be announced on Thursday morning’s post, which I’m planning to share my thoughts, concerning Angel and Buffy.

I’ve been reviewing an innumerable amount of books today. Probably due to the amount of book blog tours which coincide with each other this month. This month’s CSFF Blog tour book is “Offworld,” by Robin Parrish.

From the start of the book, we are introduced to a diverse cast of characters whom are returning from a mission on Mars to Earth. And Robin Parrish ease us slowly into the story with some conversational dialogue between all the passengers of the ship. I really love that sort of approach to the story and it reminds me distinctively of a Joss Whedon approach with Firefly. Both seem to have a motley crew of various people all crammed upon one vessel. Actually this beginning sequence reminds me of the beginning of “Event Horizon.” For within both stories we are thrust right in the midst of a normal conversation between a band of travelers. And right from the beginning, Robin Parrish allows us to gain insight of the personalities of the characters and their pasts. He succeeds with an approach that’s an anomaly among this genre. Because most stories begin immediatley with action instead of dialogue.

As the astronauts arrive on Earth. They are confounded by the absence of Earth’s population Just as the cover shows a lone bike amongst a bare street; there’s no remnaint of any living soul upon the Earth’s surface. Parrish’s way of shifting the story from space exploration to a post apocalyptic story greatly impressed me. Every part of the story seems natural and the emotions of the astronauts are accurate upon finding that the Earth’s vacant. It’s this mystery element of this segement of the story that’s the most gripping element of the story. Robin Parrish shrouds the reasons in mystery and hopes the readers follows along with him, as we and the astronauts slowly divulge the reasonings behind this sudden event.

Just as with Robin Parrish’s other stories, the faith elements do not feel preachy or seem like they were tacked on in order to meet the requirements for being incepted within the Christian market. Instead we are left with a story that matches and even surpasses books within the secular market. For me, Robin Parrish and Karen Hancock both set the precedent for Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction. Both are from Bethany House and prove that this particuliar publisher knows what stories are able to seep into both markets simultaneously. And it’s both these books that have really raised my expectations for furture Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy books. With the quality of both books, they deserve to be marketed within the general Fantasy and Science Fiction section’s.

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  1. David says:

    Wow awesome review!


  2. Abby says:

    I'm leaving a comment, so count me in!


  3. Amydeanne says:

    i agree this should have been in the secular market! I was actually surprise Bethany put it out as Christian fiction, but as regular sci fi i enjoyed it.


  4. Dona Watson says:

    Good review! I too hope that Bethany House is increasingly willing to consider SF/F novels. That certainly would be good news for SF/F writers looking for a toehold in this limited market. You don't need to enter me in the drawing as I too am giving away a copy. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Eve says:

    I really enjoyed this book. I'm giving away a free book as well, so everyone come on over for a second chance at this book ๐Ÿ™‚


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