Well wall constructing is a favorite pastime for some Christians. Take some bricks and resume the precarious operation of piling them around oneself, till one’s completely isolated from other person(s) of the world and the only other presence is oneself. Where’s the aim for this sort of behavior? The fear of ourselves or the corruption of others.

With regards to the way the church reacts to homosexuality? The first instinct that passes their minds is “wall building.” And along with those walls comes the guidelines to provide some illusion of restrain amongst the bodies of believers. “A man shalt not hug another man for thou are thus ravaging homosexuals.” Then once we repressed every loving instinct of all ourselves, the dirt that scurf across the ground’s is our internal desire to express love towards our fellow kin. But we can’t for if we even associate ourselves with the so called sinner, we’d then be contaminated with the sin from them.

If one were to look upon humanity, we’d see crudely built walls and fault lines, separating believers from the “others.” And also we’d begin to suspect others of the same crime all because of our sub conscious hatred for that person. And inevitably everything would begin to emulate the beginning stages of the Salem Witch Trial.

It’s with these walls and fault lines, I’ve found myself encamped in the midst of the chaos. Hearing voices from both sides urging me to ally with their beliefs. Every group believes they know God better than the other or they know the secret of obtaining salvation. But as I’ve soon found, only within myself shall I excise the truth. I’ve become disillusioned with these camps and have found that true solace is found with our personal connection with the lord. Something so precious and personal, no one could understand our thoughts. It’s why God granted us minds, so we could still obtain a sense of freedom amongst a world with people trying to manacle you to their causes.

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