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Regretfully this book’s subject material or plot did not completely enrapture me in the slightest. Usually with most books, that detached feeling’s pacified by interesting plot developments within the story. Yet even when I attempted through the book’s mid section, I still felt completely disinterested with the book’s overall plot. For the book seem focused upon Devyn’s desire for Bride Mckell. While there were a few moments within the novel that were fascinating; particularly information about the universe the author created within the novel.

Now many shall derive different opinions about this story, based on their overall opinion regarding romance tales. I specially prefer romance with a focus upon passionate emotions rather than external desire, where each character desires one’s body over their souls. With that, my assessment’s not entirely fair and the writing overall was solid, nothing outstanding or revolutionary. It was enough to capture the reader’s interest and carry them through the entire book.

My recommendation for this book would be forwarded to those who prefer more Harlequin esque romance novels with a fantasy bent. For me, I’d highly prefer more action or internal struggles over the main character’s nature, rather than his passionate love. Or a balance of both those elements with enough action to provide for an insanely enthralling novel.

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