Admittedly, I did not feel sane enough to write this review as of lately I have fallen into yet another of my depressions. But I’m tired of using all my fellow members of the CSFF Blog tour as my source of venting. It’s not fair for all of you to have to bear the brunt of my stress. My psyche is rather tedious for many others to conceive and sometimes my mind literally is a battlefield where it seems certain vesicles of my brain are disconnected,inhibiting the receiving of sufficient amounts of serotonin. In less precise terms, I am pathologically depressed and sometimes it feels as though God’s presence is not as eminent as it should be. My time at college consists of constant bouts of lethargy and sometimes I become so dizzy and sick to my stomach, I can not concentrate on the matter at hand. Sometimes I feel I am dying, stuck within some sort of quasi existence where I am left to only envy others around me who are able to voice their opinions so eloquently. I feel incredibly stupid compared to all others. But no matter, I must continue to trudge through the plague that entraps me just as I have done throughout all my life. Though my path may be imbued with tears, I slough my feet across forcefully otherwise.

Yet I have enough strength to write a review of this marvelous book though it seems some of thoughts are muddled by the “stress.” I got the chance to read this excellent book back in January as a prereader. At the time, I had suffered from one of my bouts of depression, where I literally did nothing in the way of reading during the course of that month.

As I started Beyond the Reflection’s Edge, the adrenaline within me fluctuated till it reached its maximum. Sweat seemed to pour down my fr ale arms. Hesitantly I flipped the pages to find even more excitement, foreshadowing, and extremely likable characters. The way Bryan Davis draws me into his stories is very akin to the way Stephenie Meyers and JK Rowling drew me into their stories with such a familiar precept yet with just something very mysterious and suspenseful, that it feel I was transported within another reality just as Nathan and Kelly were. Nathan’s suave mannerisms seem very akin to those of Bella’s husband Edward Cullen within the Twilight series. The spiritual message voiced through Davis’s writing is interwoven so expertly that never do you feel you are being forcefully hammered with spiritual messages. Instead he seems to create characters so human that their motives are so natural that never did I feel them to be wooden or artificial. Something really refreshing in a sometimes very stale within the young adult market. this story gives all young adults a message of hope and even me who sometimes felt as though sometimes I could at any time just give up; the book’s spiritual message empowered me with hope. I highly recommend this book to all ages and I hope everyone points this keeper out to all their friends within the appropriate area of the bookstore; the young adult section adjacent to “Twilight.” (At least in my bookstore)

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