Hmmm… Maybe elves have souls or have we as a society been able to reverse death itself and allow our souls to take refuge in artificially created shells thus gaining artificial immortality.. How about a more traditional fantasy story featuring a boy who destines to become a hero.

Luckily I worked over three hundred hours over the summer and I work about eight hours at Messiah’s cafeteria. Did I mention that I am currently attending Messiah College and pursuing a degree in Psychology. Though I am still really overwhelmed by the workload outlined on my syllabuses. I’m slowly gaining good study skills. Sorry to go off topic for a bit.. I just wanted to mention my current on goings to all my fellow CSFF blog readers. I must say I miss summer, meeting Stephenie Meyers a second time in New York City is truly a joy and she is such a beautiful, down to earth woman.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand. Why I mentioned the fact I have a job was a reassurance to myself I’ll have enough money to buy all “three” of the books being released by Marcher Lord Press. Reading the sypnosis and previews of all three novels really made me rather eager to read all three. I’ve been in a sort of book drought recently since I seem to have finished almost every book by Scott Westerfeld and Shannon Hale, my two new favorite authors recently added to my “ALL Time favorite authors list..”

The book that really caught my attention was Summa Elvetica: A Casuistry of the Elvish Controversy by Theodore Beale. Though if I were to try and surmise the book by just the title.. I would easily have passed it off. “Elvish Controversy” really adds a dimension to the book so I would not have passed it off that easily. I read the first chapter and what really drew me in was Theadore’s ability to masterfully draw you in the book from the first sentence. Its rare for a book to do that to me… even some of my favorite took a few pages to really hook me. Because Theodore’s writing style intrigued me so much I even ventured to Amazon and bought a few of his other books which from the sounds of them; they sound just as amazing as the first chapter of Summa Elvetica.

To all the other authors of Marcher Lord Press, your books sound wonderful and I have read the previews for both and I cannot wait to crack the spines and immerse myself in what looks to be a fantastical first press of books.

October 1st…. virtually I shall have my shopping cart ready to go… Watch out Fantastyfreak shall invade Marcher Lord Press and devoid them of all their books… Muahahahahah

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  1. Hey Justin, just wondering where your FIRST post for October is?Mimi


  2. Justin B. says:

    I felt that since I never got sent a copy of the book that I did not have to post about the book. It was a complete misunderstanding and I apologize sincerely. I did though get a copy of the First book for October 21st.


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