Just got back from the signing in PA.I went, It was awesome. My mom thought I was crazy because I took off school and went right when Barnes and Knobles, where the signing was,opened! I brought a whole bunch of Japanese candy and a camera for the signing (took pictures of some awesome costumes, shirts and signs) At the store I bought Trinity Blood novel and Peeps after so many people recommended it. This signing was really crowded. But the crowd was really friendly ( unlike at some book signings) I met Lexiewild and Immortallove there and someone else from the Lexy but I forget their username) We sat forever outside and slowly the line grew till it stretched all the way alongside the store. I was the first person in line and maybe the first ever male to be first in line at any of her signings. Later on after chatting with the awesome people I was with and chowing down on some pocky and drinking some ramune. My friend joined me, my newly turned recruit into the Twilight universe. By the time I got my wrist band (I was so happy I camped out since 9am, I got to sit in the front row at the Q/A. We all went to the mall, and my one friend and this one girl put on the Volturi Cloaks and went into stores scaring people. It was hilarious especially when they went behind this cell phone saleswoman and made her jump at least two feet (I caught all on video and will post on this post) The Q/A was great especially since she basically was right in front of me. (the footage I took turned out awesome, no heads in front of me)Somebody asked what she thought of fanfiction and she said some of it scared her. I then asked, (and she adressed me as a Volturi, because that is what I was dressed up as) Did you ever believe that boys would ever read your books? She said that she was very happy that some many boys were reading her books and said prob. because they like Jacob (Not me! I’m an Edward/Bella fan, but my fav. character is Alice) When I finally got up to meet her I said Thank you for writing them and she told me she was glad that there are boys out there that are not afraid to read her books, she was really nice, even for the short amount of time I got to meet her (I mentioned the Lexicon to her) So look out for that! Anyways, I had a great time. Twilight fans are the nicest people on Earth ( and the girls literally worship the male fans of the book, No joke! a lot of girls said “I do not know you but I love you” and gave me hugs XD!) Oh and I almost forgot, I got interviewed tv station and I explained to them on camera that not just girls read the books, that there is a male fanbase! I had an amazing night overall!!!!! Watch Today Show this Saturday to catch me, that is if I make the cut!

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