In our world today, well, its confusing out there. We are constantly at battle with million of things penetrating us. Its hard. But the issue in today’s world that distresses me the most is the nobodies. That is my term for the people who are basically ignored in church youth’s group and other events. I have been one and it really hurts when you go into a spiritual group and basically everyone ignores you. Another term is the untouchables, the people Christians ignore who they think are too sinful for their bodies to touch; homosexuals, wiccans, goths, and other shady groups many Christians avoid at all costs. I ask those who do that, (we all have at some point) what is the advantages to that. Did God create some spiritual bubble, that we must keep around ourselves, and not let anyone sinful penetrate it. Also why as we as Christians treat these people with such hate. Do we not see the harmful effects of it. There are so many boys and girls out there struggling with homosexuality, and many of them Christians, and they want help. But they feel unloved especially when their Christian neighbors are using certain terms that start with a q and an f (I detest these words so much, that I do not use them), and are always loudly boasting of how God gave them the ability to be attracted to women, and how those who are homosexual are bound for hell. What does that sound like to someone struggling with homosexuality? It makes them feel like their mistakes from God, and makes them feel awful inside. It makes them feel like they should just die. It seriously hurts all the more especially when coming from the mouths of those who say they believe in the all mighty God who is loving and forgiving. Its like that Casting Crowns song, about the girl who is depressed and struggling and nobody notices and reaches out their hand to help. So many of those struggling with homosexuality, feel like that, they feel like everyone will hate them if they were to reveal their true struggling, that everyone will suddenly accuse them of being sinful just because they are struggling with the attraction to the same sex. I have friends who are gay and lesbian, I am not hateful or judge them. I feel very bad for them, some of them have gone through stuff that some people have never experienced. Some of the things they experienced, really saddened me, especially when I heard of stories of Youth Group members who would take very loudly of how they wanted to have all homosexuals be killed. Wow just wow, how can people call themselves Christian and ignore not even just homosexuals, and anyone they deem different, and treat them as nobodies. I ask everyone who has read this to understand I have a very strong stand against hypocrisy and hateful attitudes, having been through some of it myself by others. This post was not meant to argue whether or not homosexuality is a sin, it is more of a post to tell of the hateful attitude in the church is lending to the deaths of some many young people, who had some much potential to do so much great things.

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