********WARNING***** The below contains graphic violence! This is a working prologue to Book one of the Dragon Bearth Chronicles. I need some input. I believe there to be some major issues with it! Hopefully it is not too bad!


A dark, cloaked figure staggered out of the woods holding his profusely bleeding arm. Black blood soaked his entire left arm of the midnight blue cloak he was wearing.
“Nzcafar,” screamed the man and slowly like melting ice his body dissipated within the dark, grimy ground.
“Where are you? Reveal yourself,” screamed a white cloaked older man with a grizzled Santa Claus beard extending down to his waist. In his arms was a 7 inch dagger with silver casting which radiated a glinting light throughout the dark, smoggy air of the region. Dripping from the end of it was finger length droplets of black blood. When the older man heard no response the hems of his white cloak flew up as he threw the dagger upon the ground and began chanting the language of the old, the holiest of all.
“Hos Cuos Ich Favror,
Sckol Nox Ich
Haskah Nox Iard,“
The words of his spell whispered throughout the residing lands of Nagabra, the land of Shadow. Each word gave beauty to a very dark region of the old man’s newly created world. The trees and dirt seemed to tear up from the beauty of the soft and echoing voice of the man. The old man slowly picked his sword up and remaining on the ground was a patch of red flowers containing a glowing of gold white light radiating off of it.
“That is not the first of it,” he spoke as he slowly brought the dagger to his side as he stripped of his white cloak leaving it upon the dark ground. His skinny, frail body consisted of pale yet beautiful clear skin which seemed to show the reflection of the trueness of someone if they were to look upon it. Unlike normal men, this man had no reproductive organs to dispose of waste of, instead in the nether regions of his body was nothing but more of the clear reflective skin.
For this man was no normal man, this man so powerful yet so loving, was called by the name of Boaz Ichi Savolour Latoro, more commonly known by the name Boaz which in Slavig meant one of great power yet which a forgiving and loving heart. His eyes glistened with tears as he lifted the bloodied dagger to his heart chamber. Slowly his eyes closed and out of his mouth came a beautiful humming which would have brought tears to the eyes of any living being.
As the humming continued he slowly scrapped the dagger violently across his heart chamber, scraping away the cartilage. Blood and bones spilled upon the ground as he continued to hum a quicker yet even more beautiful tune. In a matter of time a great mass of spherical shaped gunk consisting of ruby red skin and veins spilled upon the great river of cartilage bone and blood. Boaz slowly, bleeding continuously, grabbed the bloodied dagger out of the great mass of blood and licked it clean as he prepared to start to cut off his left arm.
“With this sacrifice of my arm and the blood of my inners, I will create one in my vision who will have a lovingly relationship with me,” he spoke as he closed his eyes and suddenly the left arm of his fell upon the ground after a violent snap. Blood guzzled like a fountain out of his left arm as the arm of his dissolved within the bloody, bony mess upon the ground. Gracefully, Boaz closed his eyes and suddenly like a snap of lightning, he began humming.
Grass and trees began growing out of the bloody mess, and then the bones transfigured themselves to fish, deer, and many other various creatures. The left over blood formed rivers, oceans, and lakes. Boaz staggered and crawled his way to the great ball of gunk residing in the middle of his newly created land. Clutching the dagger, he slowly cut across the remaining regions of his left arm. Blood spilled from each of the wounds upon the great gunk of flesh. Gold beams of light shot out of the spherical ball as newly added blood spilled upon the ball.
Suddenly the ball shot out a blast of radiating gold light as the ball broke apart revealing a vein, gunk covered organism resembling Boaz. Only difference was within the nether regions of the organism appeared reproductive organs and a pair of pointy ears. The creature not moving seeped huge amounts of gunk upon the newly grassed land. Boaz took himself upon the creature and slowly brought his lips to the creatures.
“You my creation will be called an elf, a creature who will live in harmony with nature and with the one who created you. You are of free at will to enjoy what I have created, but you are not to listen to a certain creature who like a prancing lion will be waiting and offering you all types of awards, do not listen to him, for what I have given to you already is enough for you,” he whispered as he slowly breathed a harsh breath of air into the creature on which he was laying vertically on top of.
As the last few fragments of air were absorbed into the creature, the creature stood up as Boaz staggered off of him. Boaz realizing he forgot something reached his hand into the heart chamber of the creature and took out his heart. Blood gushed everywhere as he held onto the heart of the creature. With the sharpened edge of his knife he cut the heart into two and kept one half while putting the other back into the chamber of the creature. Boaz this time cut off the other arm of his and threw the arm upon the heart and allowed his blood to gush upon both.
Out of the mess revealed a creature similar to the elf but with different reproductive organs, the creature had long brown hair, and fiery red eyes, and was beautiful beyond anything of nature. Boaz quickly took himself upon the creature using the remaining arms he had left and put his lips to hers and breathed a great gush of breath into her. After absorbing the last of his breaths, the creature stood up as Boaz backed away.
“Listen to what I have told the man, also you my pretty are called an elf but one of a different gender, you both are too share your lives with one another, and are to spread the land with your offspring’s which you will left to figure out just how to do that, Goodbye my children, obey my orders , for disobedience will cause withdrawal from this land and a new feeling which I hope you will never experience, “Boaz cried as he flung himself into the life stream, a river which bordered the small newly created land, which was to take him back to his world, a world which for now was held off for him, for he was the creator, the great one, the infinite and the omega.
The two elves looked upon each other with loving eyes; they quickly exchanged the instructions which Boaz had left for them to follow. Excitedly they ran off to the lake to wash off and to learn more about themselves and just what they were capable of. As splashes and laughing were heard, a dark skinned orcish creature with pointy teeth seeping with black blood crawled his way out of the bush. The creature, hunched over, giggled as his reptilian legs and arms slowly transfigured to a creature who looked like Boaz, except the only difference was the eyes, instead of piercing blue eyes, his eyes were blood red, signifying the evil nature of this creature.
What was soon to happen was to change and upset Boaz, for his newly created race and land was soon to drift into darkness. Thanks to the disobedience of both creatures, who were soon kicked out of this land and forced to live out in a new land, a land less beautiful. A land with pain and suffering, with new feelings Boaz hoped either of them would ever experience A darkness which was to last a long time. Luckily Boaz more powerful than the shadow brother of his had a plan, a plan which was to change the entire world. A plan he hoped would help revert the world back to its former grandiose. A plan which would send down upon the land, an elf unlike the others who would experience more pain and suffering than any elf on land, and help to change the course of the world of Asikar forever.
End of Prologue….

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  1. Morwen says:

    That’s really good! i love what you’re doing! Feel free to e-mail me with specific questions about editing it and such. It’s an awesome start though! 🙂


  2. Justin. I am a reader of Sharon Hinck’s blog and saw your post. I just want to encourage you to keep writing! It seems to be in your heart, so just keep going and be true to yourself and the Lord! Try not to fret. It’s in His hands.(advice to self)


  3. Anonymous says:

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