Hey! Its fantastyfreak (Yes I know it is spelled wrong), Anyways this month for the CSFF Blog Tour, the book is The Restorer by:Sharon Hinck. Today I want to type about the cover and how someone like me may be deceived by it. When I went to Borders the other week, something I do a lot, I was looking for a Christian Fantasy novel to read, something to thirst my quench that has been voraciously craving something along the lines of the Legends of the Guardian King and the Door Within Trilogy. When I happened to find this novel, which was before I knew it was a part of the CSFF Blog Tour. I looked at it, and thought “Wow this is a very pretty cover,” but an inside voice whispered to me that it was nothing but a Christian Romance novel. Not that the cover is not well created, I am just bringing up the fact that consumers when finding books usually form their first opinion on the cover. I definitely know how bad that can be, for I almost missed out on some great novels like the Firebird Trilogy because I thought the cover to look too much like a romance novel, for me that usually is a big no no in my mind, as I do not particularly like Romance. Of course some is good, like in Karen Hancock’s novel. But if it’s overbearing, its a big turn off for me. Of course that was my prejudgment of the book, for I did not look at the back, and if I did, I would have found that it had a very interesting concept. I would also have figured that this novel was not a romance novel, but a fantasy novel. I believe the publisher in advertising this book, meant the cover to stand out more to women than men, I guess that makes sense as the novel does surround a middle aged married woman. The point I’m bringing up is that, covers sometimes decide whether a consumer will pick up the book to read more into it or not. Well I’m glad my instincts told me to pick this one up that day at Borders, for I may have missed out on a really good novel. My review of the book will come tomorrow. Followed on Wednesday by a through analysis of the book and maybe a little song.

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  1. hrh says:

    Hi Justin:So glad you picked up the book! But totally understand your comments re: the cover. From your blog to the publisher’s ears … except I think “The Restorer’s Son” cover is already done. I totally agree this book deserves as wide an audience as possible!


  2. Gene Curtis says:

    I curious based on your comments. In which section did you find the book at Borders?


  3. Shannon says:

    I can promise you, the cover to Restorer’s Son looks nothing like a romance … *grin*Great post!


  4. David Adams says:

    I found this book in the Religion section of Borders, in the sub section Christian Fiction. It was almost right next to The Return of the Guardian King


  5. It’s interesting to hear a guy’s perspective on the cover. I’ve always loved the cover and thought it was beautiful, but I can see where you might get the idea it was a romance book. I’m glad you picked it up! :)Thanks for commenting over at my blog! :DBecca Johnson


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