Well, I really want to go. But the chances are slim. I have a ticket thanks to my friend who gave it to me b/c they could not go. But I have no way of getting down to Baltimore. Well for all those who does not know what Otakon is, it is a huge anime convention in Baltimore. There is always a musical guest there, I wish Gackt would come but sadly, that will never happen. Otakon occurs on the same weekend this year as the release of the final Harry Pottter book which I am overly excited for. Also a week prior to Otakon, Wayne Thomas Batson and Bryan Davis are stopping in Lancaster, an hour and half from where I live. My mom really does not want to drive that far just so I can meet two authors I really like. She is already mad at me over the fact she may be driving me to Otakon. Anyways besides those things, the summer will rock!. Also it gives me time for me to write my fantasy novel!

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