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Today launches the CSFF Blog Tour. I must say that I am very excited as even though I am currently writing a christian fantasy novel, I have one not ever consider publishing it and two, its not at all good.Also, I do not even know if God wants me to be one, it just somehow feels appropriate. Well anyways, it is fun to see what other christian fantasy writers have to say. Also its great to remote such a recently growing industry, an industry with such good books. Kathy Tyers, L.B. Graham, Karen Hancock, Wayne Thomas Barter, Bryan Davis, and others write some awesome stuff, and it is great to see them write stuff they like to write, and not to write what the publishers want them to write in order just to make huge profits. This month the tour is promoting Karen Hancock’s final book of the Guardian King series, Return of the Guardian King. This book was amazing, the characters, setting, and the character’s spiritual dilemmas felt so real to me! You can really tell Karen Hancock is strong in her faith, as her books show she is very knowledgable with matters pertaining to our walk with God. Also her books present things in a very natural nonpreachy manner. I have to admit, before reading these books, I was really straying in my walk with God, in that I believe that there definitely was a God, but just was confused on the fact on why God allows us to suffer and why some Christians seem to be very hypocritical. But through reading of Abramm’s struggles, it seemed that I got to understand why God allows us to suffer and why some christians act in such a hating way. Anyways, I believe fantasy Christian novels are the way to raise the standard of a failing Christian market, I believe the common consumer would be more likely to buy a book like The Light of Eidon or The Door Within than something like Left Behind. Christian fantasy has easily proven to be a shining light in a rather dull Christian market filled with Da Vinci Code esque books, Amish books, and Apocalyptic books written. (Sorry if this sounds insulting but this is how I see many Christian books other than those of the Fantasy Genre and masterpieces like the Firebird Trilogy, Shivering World, and the Tahn Series)

Here are some links of interest (others doing the tour):

<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Nissa Annakindt <a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Wayne Thomas Batson<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Jim Black<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Grace Bridges<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Jackie Castle<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Valerie Comer<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Karri Compton<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Frank Creed <a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> CSFF Blog Tour<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Gene Curtis<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> D. G. D. Davidson<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Chris Deanne <a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Janey DeMeo<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> April Erwin<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Kameron M. Franklin<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick= “> Linda Gilmore<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Beth Goddard<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Marcus Goodyear<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Andrea Graham<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Katie Hart<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Sherrie Hibbs<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Sharon Hinck<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Christopher Hopper<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Heather R. Hunt<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Becca Johnson<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Jason Joyner<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Karen<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Tina Kulesa<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Lost Genre Guild <a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Kevin Lucia and <a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> The Bookshelf Reviews 2.0 – The Compendium<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Rachel Marks<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Rebecca LuElla Miller<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Shannon McNear<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Caleb Newell<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick= “> Nicole <a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Eve Nielsen<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> John W. Otte<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Robin Parrish <a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Rachelle<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Cheryl Russel<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Hanna Sandvig<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Chawna Schroeder<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Mirtika Schultz<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> James Somers<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Tsaba House Authors <a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Steve Trower<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Speculative Faith<a href="http://www2.blogger.com/http://www2.blogger.com/<a%20onclick=“> Daniel I. Weaver
Karen Hancock links

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