Coven Interview with Anne Rice.


Be sure to click the above link to be directed to Barnes and Noble’s website, to order a copy of Anne Rice’s upcoming Vampire Chronicles installment Blood Communion, being released October 2nd, 2018

Anne Rice and I had a wonderful conversation; topic ranging from future works, the inimitable range and prescient quality of Charles Dicken’s writing, early reviews of Interview with the Vampire, and extraterrestrials.

Apologies for the slightly unpolished audio job here. Extricated some audio at the beginning and end, which resulted in what may sound like to listeners as an abrupt end. Through my own discretion, I included only the most vital pieces of out conversation that I am willing to share. It is not the smoothest editing job, but the main dialogue between Anne and I was preserved. Out of respect for this recording, I ask that you please attribute this blog as the original source of this interview. Thanks in advance for your respect of this post.

Without further ado, here’s the somewhat unrefined audio clip of our interview yesterday.

Feel free click the Lestat GIF below to access the audio uploaded on the website SoundCloud:
As always, feel free to leave some constructive thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks again to the fabulous team at Knopf Publishing for arranging all of this, and of course, to the gracious Anne Rice for taking the time to participate in this interview.

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