Mon Dieu Monday: Anne Rice’s “Blood Communion” Advance Reader Copy Giveaway


Be sure to click the above link to be directed to Barnes and Noble’s website, in order to pre-order a signed copy of Anne Rice’s upcoming Vampire Chronicles  installment Blood Communion, being released October 2nd, 2018

As announced in my previous blog post published on Saturday, we are indeed running another contest along the same lines as the one for the previous Lestat novel.

Before entering the giveaway, be sure to read the entirety of the terms and conditions below. As with any giveaway, these seemingly irrelevant terms are important, especially the shipping fee requirement for international winners. As most international shipments cost upwards of $30 or more, we are respectfully asking international winners to cover the international shipping fees as a part of entering the contest. If you are unable to cover these fees, you agree that you will be disqualified. Any other deviation from these terms and conditions outlined below will involve the same results.

I’ll keep this as succinct s possible, since many of you Anne Rice fans are probably more interested in knowing just how to enter versus the stipulation of rules/terms/conditions. But both are necessary to make this giveaway of an exclusive ARC of Blood Communion as smooth and fair as possible.

First off, I want to thank the Knopf Marketing and Editorial team who kindly sent about 14 total Advance Reader Copies (“ARCs”), five of which are hand-signed and the other nine include autograph labels with Anne Rice’s signature, and related Blood Communion paraphernalia  (buttons, pins, feather pens, etc.) for an exclusive giveaway through both here and the infamous Facebook Fan Group for fans of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles,  the Lestat Book CovenSince its launch in early March, 2014, we have been lucky enough to amass a group of  over 4,000 bright ,eclectic fans of Anne Rice’s books; this group was created at first to celebrate the momentous relaunch of the Vampire Chronicles with the releases of Prince Lestat and Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis,, a paradigm-shifting novels that thrilled both new and old fans of the Vampire Chronicles series.

Before unveiling the Rafflecopter App, which is what is being utilized for contest entry purposes, I do have a few stipulations, so please bear with me.Randomly selected winners of this contest will be receiving an Advance Reader Copy of the forthcoming Anne Rice novel Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis prior to the book’s official release on October 2nd, 2018. There are a total of 14 signed copies (either hand-signed or signed via autograph label) being given way, along with an assortment of promotional paraphenelia. Please note that having an Advanced Reader Copy of any book, particularly one as popular and in high demand as Anne Rice’s new Lestat title, is a special privilege. And certain things do need to be adhered to when undertaking this responsibility:

(a)DO NOT SELL ADVANCE READER COPIES ON EBAY PRIOR TO PUB DATE: Or any resale site for that matter, especially before pub. date. It is that window of time, though, that concerns me most. It is deeply disrespectful and immoral to take advantage of the high market demand of a title, prior to its clearly publicized sale date, by selling this type of copy (that has no intrinsic resale value) in advance of a release. It is unfair and disrespectful to not only Random House/Knopf Publishing House, who kindly offered these as a prize to fans, it is also disrespectful to myself, since selling an Advance Reader Copy prior to its release is wanton abuse of this privilege. So anyone found to have sold their ARCs through third-party resale websites will be blacklisted from entering any contests on this blog, as well as being a member of the Lestat Book Coven. If you are a present member of the group, found to be selling your copy prior to pub. date (November 29,2016), you will be banned without any appeal. After pub. date, you are free to sell wherever you feel inclined to sell it. IT IS BEFORE, NOT AFTER, PUB DATE that is the major issue, as you are taking advantage of the book’s limited availability and hype for profiteering purposes.

(b) DO NOT RECKLESSLY SPOIL THE BOOK’S CONTENTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media can be Pinterest, forums, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or on the Lestat Book Coven Group. If you are doing this privately through email and different variations of private messaging available through these sites or forums marked with explicit Spoiler Warnings, then you are good. If you have received a book early and wish to discuss you, we will be providing a special private Facebook chat room for those wishing to discuss the plot; this is one of the perks of winning an Advance Reader Copy, but you can easily lose these privileges by committing the aforementioned rules.

Here are some other mandatory guidelines that have to be added. No Purchase Necessary. Winners are selected at random, and must be residents of the United States for reasons described above. If you choose to review this title, please be sure to disclose you receive a copy as part of a giveaway, but this fact does not influence your unbiased feelings on the book.  Neither WordPress, Anne Rice, or Facebook are affiliated with this contest nor carry the responsible for maintaining or preserving it. Selection of winners and shipment of packages is solely our responsibility: both myself, the chief administrator of this blog, as well as lead administrator of the Lestat Book Coven. Note that by entering this contest, you are not a guaranteed winner; winners will be selected at random by the Rafflecopter APP. The algorithm of the app does make it so that more entries increases the probability of winning, but does not ultimately mean you will win.

Of course, there are either pertinent guidelines as well, so please be aware of the following:

RAFFLECOPTER APP RULES: Using this APP should be pretty self-explanatory, sign through with either email or Facebook, and complete the different tasks to increase your likelihood of winning a copy. Note that in the past we have incidences of individuals gaming the system by using different email addresses and Facebook accounts on the same IP Address in order to create superfluous entries in excess of what is permitted for each individual. Please note we will be carefully vetting the entries before the winner is ultimately determined in order to ensure fairness of the process. Any gaming of the system will result in instantaneous withdrawal from the contest, along with removal from the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group. If you run into any technical issues with the Rafflecopter app, please message me immediately via email, or through Facebook private message.
INTERNATIONAL WINNERS Due to the high costs incurred for international shipping, covering the full amount for shipping costs which runs a little high, is required for any international winners. This group is not a business, therefore we do not have reserves of money to finance shipping.  If the case presents itself that your country has custom rules forbidding shipment of your prize or the USPS doesn’t allow shipping to certain territories, please understood that we will be forced to select a different winner randomly. Since we do not wish to exclude those outside of the United States, representing a fairly high percentage of Anne Rice fans, while also acknowledging the logistics of high postage fees for international fees, we felt this requirement to cover the shipping costs was reasonable and fair.

residents of the US (includes both U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico) , and any countries internationally with reasonable custom policies, are open to entering  this giveaway by completing the various tasks available through the Rafflecopter widget linked below with the Lestat related GIF image. For some options, you may enter once per day, but for most, you only need to complete the assignment once and be done with it. If you should have any questions, concerns, or problems with the widget below, please feel free to message me at, or personally message me through my Facebook Profile, Justin Boyer. The contest ends September 15, 2018 at 11:59pm, and winners will be chosen within 24-48 hours of the termination of the contest. All winners are chosen completely at random, and any tentative winners will be informed via email/Facebook PM if they indeed are the lucky winners of this contest.

Digressions aside, click the below Lestat GIF to access the Rafflecopter APP to enter to possibly win an early copy of Anne Rice’s highly-anticipated Blood Communion:

Side Note: For anyone who may have previously entered with preliminary points, I ask that you register these points through the Rafflecopter app linked below. Thanks.

**Alternate Link** If the above GIF image link, directing you to the Rafflecopter widget on Facebook does not work, you can try the following GIF image link that takes you directly to the Rafflecopter widget on their website:


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  1. Chasity valerio says:

    I am so excited to enter this amazing contest and at the same time, I am so sad that I have barely discovered your blog upon its ending.


  2. yelrihslain says:

    I have entered the Rafflecopter. I just don’t know if what I did there to finish my entry was correct. I somehow feel I got lost somewhere. XD Nevertheless, no matter what happens, cheers to you always finding a way to share good tidings with fellow fans. Kudos to this wonderful blog, for auld lang syne and everything!!!


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