Dani Hoots’ Review of Caller Unknown by Jennifer Brozek

Caller Unknown by Jennifer Brozek



Published by: Apocalypse Ink Productions

Review by: Dani Hoots

Kendrick is a city alive in more ways than one. Its borders contain a hidden world composed of secret societies, the supernatural, the lost, and the unexplained. It is the world that Karen, a 911 operator, is thrust into. It begins with a phone call. A stranger begs Karen to save a young woman’s life, opening Karen’s eyes to the world beneath the surface of the city she thought she knew. People are dying. Artifacts are being stolen. The streets are filled with rumors of a city-destroying ritual. Karen is determined to figure out what is really going on and protect her city, whatever the cost… Caller Unknown: Book One of the Karen Wilson Chronicles, is the first of four collections following the trials of Karen Wilson as she delves into the secret side of Kendrick. With enemies on all sides, unknown allies, and a baby gargoyle, what she finds will change her life forever.

*Back cover take from Amazon*

I found this story to be a bit simple, not much description and mainly dialogue. I wasn’t able to concentrate on what was going on, getting lost in who was talking and where exactly they were. I felt like it could have been fleshed out more so that the story felt more complete.

Although I wasn’t able to connect too much with the story, I found the character to be interesting as she was a 911 operator and got dragged into this mess. I liked her reason as to why she became one, but other than that I wasn’t too interested.

If you enjoy urban fantasy and it tying to jobs like 911 operators ands the real world, this story could be for you. I give it a 3/5, as I was having trouble connecting with the story but it was still a very interesting concept. It’s a short read and would recommend it for people wanting to read something a little different.

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