Dani Hoots’ Review of The Pirate Princess by Tawn Krakowski

The Pirate Princess by Tawn Krakowski


Amazon/Barnes & Noble
Published by BigWorldNetwork.com, LLC
Review by Dani Hoots

As the ninth daughter in the ninth generation of the Puffinstuff line, Princess Penny is a very special little girl. With a destiny to save her family that only an elaborate scheme of fake pirates and adventure can possibly achieve, Penny might discover more than just pirate treasure along the way.

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In this Middle Grade fantasy by Tawn Krakowski, we are taken on adventure as Penny, a princess of Puffinstuff, is destined to complete a prophecy from years before. Now this twelve year old must sail the high seas and find whatever the map that was given to her guides her to. But little does she know is that there is something wicked waiting for her.


Penny is a strong young girl that is a great female lead. I enjoyed her point of view and liked how she wasn’t just a typical spoiled princess. If you are looking for something for your child or teen to read, or want to read a cute princess pirate story, do check this series out!

The plot itself was entertaining and I really enjoyed the story. Although some parts I saw coming, the story itself was original and was easy to follow. The only problem I had was that the resolution happened too quickly for me.


All in all I give this story a 4.5/5, loving the story and wanting more, but wishing the conclusion was a little more flushed out and didn’t happen so fast. I recommend it for 10 and up and any adult who loves princess or pirate stories.

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  1. TotallyTawn says:

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    What a lovely review of my book, The Pirate Princess! It means a lot to me coming from a fellow author. Thank you, Dani!

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    1. No problem! Happy to review 🙂

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