Bibliophile Reverie’s Literary Tea Recommendations (and pairings), Seeking Fall Flavors for Books in October

Dear Interested Tea Companies, of all shapes and sizes:

This message is mainly for you tea companies out there that have perused our year’s worth of tea-related features, including reviews written by our resident tea connoisseur and tea blogger, Sara Letourneau ( aspiring novelist/book blogger as well). Maybe, you’ve stumbled on our page, or have our latest feed subscribed via email. Whatever way you found our blog, we wish to let you know that we are actively seeking out fall-related flavors for book features.

See, besides Sara’s phenomenally detailed tea reviews, sure to entice even the most casual tea drinker; we also love pairing teas with books being spotlighted here. And we love to specifically give support to smaller tea companies out there, who have trouble getting the attention they may rightfully deserve.

There’s no voracious tea-drinker, like an equally voracious bibliophile. We are again looking for fun, perhaps unorthodox fall flavors of tea to be matched with books being reviewed. Many examples can be found of such pairings, by either perusing our subpage-Tea at Reverie: Bibliophile Reverie Literary Tea Blend Recommendations, Recipes & Reviews– where you’ll find many important details about the way we present tea here, along with books featured/reviewed in some shape or form.

Most important, we have a slew of great examples of just the sort of ways we wish to particularly feature your creative fall flavors of tea in some very creative way. And these examples can found on the following book reviews (and more by searching for book reviews with the word “tea”)- Review of I Ripper; Review of The Buried Giant, by: Kazuo Ishiguro.
We’ll gradually be adding links to many older ones, once this blog has been better enhanced for that capability. We are working hard on that task just now, but awaiting more financial support for potential evolution of this site.

So if you’re interested in having your fall-inspired tea blend featured, as a part of our Literary Tea Blend Recommendations, tailored to a specific title, please do hesitate to email us at with questions of any kind, or your recommendation of a fall tea blend.

Thanks so much for your interest,
Justin Boyer
Lead Administrator and Writer for A Bibliophile’s Reverie

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