Review of Lobo vol 1: Targets

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Review written by: Jessica C.

Lobo vol 1: Targets brings back Lobo all new and improved for the DC Universe’s new 52. The intergalatic bounty hunter has certainly got himself quite a makeover that even Tyra and her team could manage. Truth be told he looks a heck of a lot better than he did before. Slimmer and yes, sexier. Yes I said it. Lobo is now sexy.

When I first heard that DC was bringing back Lobo I was quite excited. I have always been a fan of the bounty hunter, so naturally I was intrigued to see how the DC Universe would reinvent the no holds barred anti-hero. The reader is introduced to Lobo in a no holds battle of who is the true Lobo. This is a classic scene as the reader sees the Lobo they are familiar with and this brand new version of Lobo.

Needless to say it’s out with the new and our story begins. Lobo is plagued by nightmares of his past in Czarnia and his once lover. While in prison he is awakened from his nightmares to be presented with an offer he cannot refuse, albeit somewhat reluctantly. Lobo is sent on a mission to target and end six of the deadliest assassins that have their own target on Earth.

Introducing Lobo in this way is in my opinion one of the best ways that he could be reintroduced (or even introduced to new fans of Lobo) to the DC Universe. The reader gets a teaser glimpse of his past that is enough to pique the interest, and the story is presented in a clean, concise fashion that is greatly appreciated. If that was enough, the artwork is the best depiction of Lobo in a long time. Truth be told I am so grateful that comic book art has come this far. I love the old school style but the new art is just beautiful.

So you have your first look at the new 52 Lobo. The story is not that complex or captivating but the artwork and revamp of Lobo makes up for all of that. I was glad to see the anti-hero back in the mix as he’s always been one of my guilty pleasures in the comic book world. For my Marvel fans out there, most of the time Lobo is compared to Wolverine and the Punisher… so if you are a fan of either (or both!) it’s worth your time and effort to check out Lobo. Until next time fellow fangirls and fanboys, happy reading!

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