Review of Awake by Natasha Preston

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Review Written by: Jessica C.

Since my review of White as Snow  by Salla Simukka I have noticed a new abundance of novels and stories cropping up that include cults in the story line. Cults are unto themselves fascinating and twisted fixtures in fiction as much as reality, so to have a story involve a cult as a protagonist has been that which piques my interest.

Needless to say, the cult presence in Awake was what first intrigued me to opt in to reviewing this novel. In Awake the reader meets Scarlett, a teenage girl that has no recollection of her memories before the age of five. All she knows and all she has been told she accepts without conflict or question. However, the appearance of Noah in her life and a car crash, change everything in Scarlett’s life.

For Scarlett, the car accident is what causes her memories to be awakened and she begins to question everything save for Noah. This is really a shame because Noah really is one that she should be worried over. After all he is part of the cult that believes that Scarlett is the “Light.” The “Light” to the cult that calls themselves Eternal Light is pretty much their gateway to salvation by sacrifice. Hooray for human sacrifice. Yes boys and girls that is sarcasm.

Awake had promise but it did nothing to keep me ‘awake.’ In fact at times I wanted to put it down and invest in sleep. Here’s my thing to the authors and readers out there alike… if you are going to have a female character be the center of your novel universe give her some balls. Scarlett despite her colorful dictionary of profanity was tepid at most even in her hot tempered moments. Yawn. I almost wanted the cult to kill her by the time I was half way through the book.

Scarlett was weak, far too blindly reliant on Noah, and an utmost moron when it came to her puppy love faith in a boy that lied to her repeatedly. I’m sorry but I think the whole I’m taking you back to a cult to use you as a human sacrifice is something of a deal breaker for me. Maybe I’m wrong ladies, but who knows… that’s just not my cup of tea.

If there is a sequel… as I do have a smidge of curiousity over this missing sister bit in the story…my feedback to the author is if you plan on using a cult in a story… give the cult their story. Eternal Light was nothing more than a ghost cult in my opinion. There was no meat and bones to really anything in this book. So that’s what this story is lacking… meat, balls, and bones. Easy enough eh? Right.

All I can say folks is take it or leave it. It’s up to you. It wasn’t the best out there but certainly not the worst. Until next time readers… don’t fall for the next door neighbor… especially if they belong to a cult… Happy reading!

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