Teen Titans: Volume 1- Blinded by the Light


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Review Written by: Jessica C.

I can say that this Marvel meets Zenescope meets Image/Fathom Girl has been a closet Teen Titans fan for quite some time. Confession time being that as much of an avid reader as I have always been, my love of Teen Titans only grew stronger when the cartoon series came out. I love the humor, I love the team, I love the angst and crushes. What can I say I’m a sarcastic little girl hidden in a sarcastic woman’s body. Go Figure.

Needless to say the confession expands to the truth that I have never once picked up a Teen Titans comic, not once. Never, ever, ever. Until today. While I do so love my individual comics when they are so nicely packaged as a trade paperback or a graphic novel I do an inner fangirl squee. Yes, I like things easily maintained and perfectly packaged (This may explain why all of my Pop Funko vinyls stay in the box… yes I’m one of those girls!).

Anyhow… on to Blinded by the Light. Can I just say I looooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee Raven’s new look?!? For all that is sane and holy please make some action figures with the new looks. Pretty please with sugar on top, DC Entertainment make it so! Yes back to the Teen Titans story… it is awesome.

I really love the way that DC has taken so many of the familiar faces and made them new and updated. Hence the New 52 style. The style exceeds itself when it comes to the appearance of the Teen Titans. I loved seeing Raven as more of the Goth Girl without the cloak, and Beast Boy looking more like a teenager then a little boy. Red Robin’s outfit was impressive (though his moniker makes me hungry… so yes… anyways…), and I loved Wonder Girl’s style.

The story was your typical new villain coming after folks and attacking the city blah, blah, blah, typical, typical. What wasn’t typical was well… who created the new villain, Algorithm and the reason behind it. Let’s just say that S.T.A.R. Labs and Manchester Black are involved and we will leave it at that. The whole purpose of Algorithm is basically to lead the Teen Titans into bigger and better places. Of course they don’t know that yet… and neither do you readers, not yet at least. So read it!

Of course the Teen Titans couldn’t just have their drama, there had to be humor which Beast Boy provides of course. It’s refreshing to see that staple because Bunker was starting to get on my nerves. Bunker is just way to power drunk and egotistical. The typical annoying, I’ve got a chip on my shoulder attitude. Blah. Add to this mix the whole fan girl collection that follow Wonder Girl around and you can’t help but snicker. Why you ask? Because, well as a fan girl, you know if you’re a girl and a fan, you are severely tempted to stalk those you squee over. All the same, keep it safe and sane… no restraining orders okay?

That being said I loved Blinded by the LIght. It was a fun story with beautiful artwork and fantastic character portrayals. All of the team were balanced, realistic, and relatable. If you are a fan of Teen Titans in any which way from comic book to Teen Titans Go, go ahead and snatch this Volume up. It’s a good one! Until next time readers, happy reading!

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