Review of Arkham Manor Vol.1 by Gerry Duggan

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Review written by: Jessica C.

Arkham Manor Vol 1 collects issue 1-6 of DC Comics new 52 series from the same name. In Arkham Manor the Wayne Mansion has become the new residence for all of the lunatics and mentally unstable patrons of Gotham. The story starts off well with Bruce Wayne living just below Arkham Manor, and of course with Batman not far away it’s a given that something bad is going to happen.

The bad turns up being multiple murders within Arkham Manor. Leave it to Batman to go undercover to try and solve the case. The storyline was very much on the 60s Batman vibe, with the dark grit of artwork some of the old Batman comics were focused on. Some of the more notorious villians of the Batverse made their appearance so that was appreciated.

To me the story seemed too planned with a few loose ends. I was hoping to know more about some of the patients that were introduced and placed in Arkham Manor. Unfortunately the story was more focused on Batman finding out who was committing the murders and his new helper, Mr. Freeze.

I have to say though, Freeze’s return to the story was an amusing addition. Watching him outside in the snow cooking on the grill was just a nice bit of comedy thrown into an otherwise depressing, dark story. Then again we kind of expect that from the Batverse don’t we?

All in all, the series wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t the best I’ve read but it kept me interested. I have to admit I did find myself skimming through some of it because it just seemed way too much filler. Here’s hoping DC gets back on track with Batman and brings him back to the dark vigilante we are used to seeing. Until next time folks, happy reading!

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