Siren’s Fury Feature Part 1: Jessica C’s Review of Siren’s Fury by Mary Weber


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    Note from Blog Admin: This will serve as the first of two reviews of the second installment of this epic YA fantasy trilogy, written by the talented Mary Weber. The second part, consisting of a second review, will be published this Friday (as myself and Jessica are big fans of this truly excellent YA series)


Written by: Jessica C.

Unless you have been living under a rock or just have yet to realize the amazing creative genius that is Mary Weber’s Storm Siren series then you know Siren’s Fury, the next book in the series has recently been released. Like the first book in the series, Siren’s Fury does not leave the reader disappointed. There is so much action and suspense in Siren’s Fury I kept on holding my breath anticipating that Nym was going to turn evil. Does she go evil and side with Draewolf? Well I guess you will just have to read Siren’s Fury and find out for yourself readers.

Welcome to the beginning of the end…

That being said… the storyline for Siren’s Fury is incredible. Not only has Draewolf consumed and taken over the body of Nym’s love, Eogan, but he also steals her Elemental abilities leaving her powerless. Of course, Nym is not one to let such set her back. In fact the loss of her abilities makes her more determined then ever to succeed. Nym does whatever it takes to save those she loves and to defeat Draewolf… even if that means siding with those that have ulterior motives and taking on powers that are not her own.

It was left with the assistance of Myles and Rasha that Nym sneaks aboard an airship and does what she can to save not only Eogan, but practically the world once more. What remains from this point is all that makes Weber such a talented writer. Siren’s Fury possesses that which any fantasy genre fan would wish for. Love, hope, magic, war, and power. But most of all it possesses the underlying tone of all that Nym realizes she needs to hold on and all that makes her who she is. Hope and Compassion.

Maybe power comes in different forms. And maybe we get a choice how we use it.

In Storm Siren Weber focused on the underlying theme of helping those that felt weak, depressed, hopeless, and uncertain to find a strength within. I have found in Siren’s Fury  the theme appears to be realizing that no matter how dark it is this is the best time to find the light and look for the stars. No matter how far it seems that the world has fallen, Siren’s Fury reminds the reader that there is still a time to believe in the better things in life like hope and compassion… no matter how bad things seem to be.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to discover Mary Weber, now is certainly the time to realize just what you have been missing out. Weber writes not only with her heart and soul, but she also writes with a hand extended to those of us that perhaps need a slight reprieve from the harsh nature of the world. Nym is a balm to soothe those of the lost soul kind. She like Weber is nothing more than the unspoken whisper that none of us are ever alone. In that thought alone we should hold to hope.

That being said, Siren’s Fury is a powerful, moving story of a woman learning to not just discover herself but to accept and believe in herself. Sometimes it is so lovely to see the misfits and the loners save the day

I hope you enjoy the Storm Siren trilogy as much as I have. That being said I cannot wait until the finale! Bravo, Mrs. Weber, Bravo.

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  1. digitaltempest says:

    I enjoyed this second book greatly. The first book wasn’t bad, but I thought some of what made the story interesting ended up getting lost in the romance. I thought this second book really gave the plot the chance to shine, and it definitely made me want to hold on and see what happens in the last book.

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