Review of Batgirl Volume 1: The Batgirl of Burnside by: Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Sweet

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Review written by: Jessica Curtis

So I have a confession to make readers. For as long as I can remember I have been a huge fan of Marvel. I know I know, before you get on my case and remind me that this is a DC Entertainment comic book review let me just complete this confession. From twelve on I have been the epitome of Marvel Fangirl… that is until I discovered there was more to the Comic Book world than just Marvel. Sad I know but I had blinders on when it came to comics. Marvel was my world. Then I branched out and discovered Image, Top Cow, Vertigo, Zenescope, and finally revisited DC Comics.

To me DC was always the number 2 comic book publishing company that was trying so hard to best Marvel and Stan Lee (sorry DC! but trust me this review improves and cheers on DC in the future. I promise!). That was how I saw it… until now. Ever since Netgalley has given me access to the world of DC, I have to say I’m a new fan. Do I still love Marvel and Zenescope, of course I do! However, as of late to me it seems DC is giving Marvel a run for the money. The New 52 story arcs are so incredible and so well done with fantastic artwork and epic story lines. DC has reintroduced their classic heroes and villians to a world that has almost forgot about them. Well maybe not Superman and maybe not Batman… but you get the point.

Gotham and the onslaught of DC entertainment programs taking over CW and Fox have helped awakened the rebirth of DC followers in my opinion, but their root re-introduction of the usual crew through the New 52 is what has solidified and glued it all together. That being said… let’s talk about Batgirl!

First off. Wow! So many stories packed into one trade paperback that is just shy of 170 pages. The artwork is fantastic, and the stories are those that help us see Barbara Gordon aka “Babs” aka Batgirl grow and change. The Batgirl of Burnside collects issues 35 through 40 along with an origin story from Secret Origins issue 10. In the Batgirl of Burnside the reader gets to see how Babs is adjusting to her new life in Burnside while keeping her identity as Batgirl a secret, even from her friend Frankie.

While some aren’t thrilled with the New 52 concept I approve of it. It’s a refreshing, new twist on all the original DC characters. Sure the long lasting “original” fans may not approve by seeing it as too mainstream and too pop culture, but hello… that’s the point. The company has to revamp the old in order to appeal to new fans. ‘Nuff said.

So back to Batgirl… it was amusing to see the revised version of Dinah and Babs. Barbara was a bit of a young, flirty flake trying to fit in, while Dinah is more of a hardcore judgement rock girl. I can’t say their personalities were my favorite part of the story, but the story arcs were original and fun. Love or hate the New 52, take it or leave it, I will leave the readers with this… if you are in to a fresh, youthful, pop culture take on BatGirl, or if you are new to DC comics and approve of the former mentioned style then this can be your introduction to DC. While some of the old school may hate it, I can say as a Marvel and Zenescope fangirl I enjoy the New 52. Consider this a win, DC Comics, you now have a new fan girl. Until next time readers, happy reading!

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