Coven Radio Show-An Upcoming Podcast for Self-Proclaimed Lestat Fans

If you’re haven’t read the book that reinvigorated the world’s love for the iconoclastic dark hero of vampire, be sure to check out


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June 5th, 2014-Printed First on A Bibliophile’s Reverie– Over the past year, we have expanded to a group that has amassed nearly 3,000 enthusiastic Lestat fans, who dissect the books daily on the Facebook Group, called Lestat’s Book Coven. For most of the year, we have routinely met up via Google Hangout chat for a series of live chats, where we have recently just started doing some in-depth discussions about Anne Rice’s Prince Lestat.

Even though, there has been a large influx of people into the aforementioned Facebook Group page; the representation and contribution of these fans on the live chats themselves has been fairly restricted due to a number of reasons. Much of this has to do with time restrictions, especially time differences, with so many members from all areas of the globe. There is no perfect, opportune time for any of these members to meet together. As such, my admins and myself have long been deliberating on a solution, and we can finally announce that solution with much aplomb.

It is a solution that will no doubt greatly excite the many faithful members of our group and beyond on Anne Rice’s own Facebook Fan Page. We are pleased to announce that beginning on Thursday June 18, 2015, the first Coven Radio Show Podcast Episode will be made available for MP3 and Itunes download. All of this is free of charge, and available to everyone interested in partaking in our discussions.

Our new format change will be for the better, and it will hopefully invite more people to participate in this large, important discussion about the deeper elements of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle novels. All the radio show episodes include a small live, reenacted reading of our favorite sequences of the Vampire Chronicle  books, voted by our listeners and fans on the accompanying Facebook page. There will be intensive intellectual discussion about specific sections of the Vampire Chronicle book we may be reading and discussing at the time.

  We are finishing the remainder of our Prince Lestat related discussions for the first few round of episodes. The frequency of every new episode is every other week, providing the admins and myself time to abridge popular sections for a live reading, and also to hone in on a certain assigned section of the book. A special hotline is being set up, via Google Voice, for eager fans, who wish to provide their own input into certain sections. A special email address will be made available for members to privately send in their thoughts, questions about a certain section, or suggestions for the show. That email address is, and special Google Voice number for those residing in the US/ Canada (b/c of spammers, only members of the Facebook group will have knowledge of this number). Any calls that are made to the former Google Voice/ Coven Hotline will be recorded, and may be used on our podcast. The reason for the hotline number is to emulate the styling of Benji’s radio show in the books.

To prepare in advance for our first radio show episode, be sure to read the following chapters ahead of our discussion:

Assigned Reading Section for Coven Radio Show Episode 1:  Chapter 16: Fareed, p.271 in US Hardcover edition of Prince Lestat, and Chapter 17, page 280- Shall we Dance? .

Here are the two questions for these readings we are focusing on:

*What are you continued thoughts and theories on the motives of the scientist Fareed? Are you beginning to trust him more?

*How about Gregory? What are your own continued impressions of this character, his motives, the role he is playing in this evolving paradigm shift for vampire kind?

Be sure to either read, re-read the above sections in advance of our first broadcast, which again will be made available  here, the coven page, or Itunes on Thursday, June 18, 2015!


We are hosting a special giveaway for the first five podcast episodes of five signed, non-personalized hardcover copies of Beauty’s Kingdom. One copy of the book will be given away every episode. The main gist of the contest is a trivia contest, and the person with the right answer will be eligible for the prize. Simply put, the chosen winner is randomly selected among a narrowed down list of people who either call through the hotline, or email us at with the right answer. The question is revealed halfway through the broadcast, after Coven Admin Jo, myself, and other invited coven members engage in a really fun radio reading of our favorite sections of the book.

Due to the high prices of shipping prizes out for those outside the US/Canada, we are requiring that only those who live in the US/Canada are eligible to enter. I am so sorry for the international listeners; I am currently in discussion with admins to make one of these contests open to only those outside the US/Canada for the benefit of all the Lestat fans worldwide (It is only fair for people all around the world, calling in, emailing us, and listening to this show)

Thanks so much for reading, sharing the above news! Please be sure to link back to this page, when sharing this with others! Can’t wait to broadcast our show on June 18, 2015!

Remember to email your thoughts and questions about the reading to our coven email

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