Review of Jupiter’s Legacy by Mark Millar


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Review written by: Jessica C.
It starts like so many other well known starts. It starts with a man and it starts with a dream. From there it becomes and island and from the island return those that would become superheroes.From these superheroes are born their future, the children to carry their promise. The children that are those destined to hold something relevant, something important… a legacy.

However, what is to be expected from the children of superheroes when the villians are long since gone and the significant battles are over and done with. This is where the story of Jupiter’s Legacy begins. Children in the shadow of their parents success as superheroes are prone to rebel. Some by drink and some by drugs, leaving Jupiter’s Legacy to bring superheroes to an equal level as the reader. Abnormal individuals dealing with normal issues: parents that they don’t feel they are good enough, falling for the people your family would never accept,and unexpected pregnancy amongst other issues.

Then again, using the word issues is really not a word to take lightly. Jupiter’s Legacy takes into consideration what might happen if all the superheroes decided to join forces to destroy the elite superhero they are disgusted with. Think Superman. Captain America. The list goes on. Dead and Gone. And the cause of death? Tortured to death by their team mates. The so called heroes of the world. The defeat of Utopian and the death of his wife by the hands of other so called superheroes leaves Choloe and Hutch on the run around the world. They have no choice, they have to save themselves and their unborn child. The twist of how this all came to be… well I’ll leave it to you, dear readers, to find out.

However, we still have the present and the future to focus on. Chloe and Hutch have escaped to Australia to raise their son, hiding out and disguising the fact that their son has abilities as well. But like many comic book readers know, it is so hard for a superhero to keep from what they do best. Saving the world, helping humanity, and showing everyone what they really are great at. The future of Jupiter’s Legacy looks quite promising. Rumor has it that Jupiter’s Legacy is destined to be on the big screen as well, so if more details are announced I will be sure to keep you posted.Until next time, happy reading!

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