Greg Wilkey’s “Growing Up Dead” Audiobook Blog Tour Day #1


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    Growing Up Dead  Audiobook Blog Tour Monday, April 27,2014 – Ends Saturday May 2,2015

Information About the Book:


SPECIAL BLOG TOUR GIVEAWAY: There’s a chance to win one of three complimentary digital downloads of the Audiobook edition of Greg Wilkey’s Growing Up Dead.

Keep your eyes peeled for two cover images of the sequels in Greg Wilkey’s Mortimer Drake series below that  both carry  links to a special Rafflecopter Widget, from where you must complete different tasks in order to earn entries, to increase the chances of possibly winning an audiobook. All winners are chosen randomly, so your cumulative number of entries does not automatically qualify you as a selected winner.  It only increases the probability that you may be one of the chosen winners.

Fortunately, the contest is open to everyone, worldwide, since we are giving away digital editions of the audiobook, not physical CD or cassette copies as those do not exist. The contest ends at Midnight, May 2nd 2015, and the three winners will be promptly informed via email, bearing the very exciting news that they are one of the lucky winners of this dramatic audio-recording  from Auspicious Apparatus Press of the first book in Greg Wilkey’s four book Mortimer Drake series.

Click either the two cover photos of the two sequels to Growing Up Dead, to access the Rafflecopter Widget, allowing you to enter for your chance to win the Growing Up Dead audiobook!! 

 Day #1 Post: The Emerging Self-Published/ Indie Publishing Audiobook Market, Statement from Todd Barselow, Owner of Auspicious Apparatus Press:

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“Audiobooks have been around for a while, most people know that. I remember as a kid checking out ‘books on tape’ from the library (then it was CDs when they came out), although the selection was mediocre at best at my library. I always wanted more. So, the audiobook is not really a new concept by any means. The prevalence of audiobooks is still a bit lower than what I would have thought after doing some research in preparation to produce audiobook editions of some of the books that I’ve worked on and which I optioned the audio rights through Auspicious Apparatus Press

However, Amazon is poised to change all of that just as they did with the ebook and their Kindle devices. Books became smaller and cheaper, and ultimately, more accessible. They are doing the same thing with audiobooks right now with ACX, their Audiobook Creation Exchange, which is a platform that allows audio rights holders to connect with audio producers (narrators) to create audio editions of their catalogs, and with Audible, their audiobook marketplace. In the next year or two, we’re going to start seeing a big push, a surge in audiobooks spearheaded by Amazon through Audible.For me, audiobooks are a godsend. I read all day for work as an editor and publisher so by the end of the day my eyes are usually shot. Being the bibliophile that I am, I still like to get a literary fix in the evenings more often than not. With audiobooks I can do this while allowing my eyes to rest. Then you have those folks who have to commute going to work each day, sometimes for an hour or longer each way, whether it be by train or car or what have you. Audiobooks are the perfect way to get a literary fix on a commute. Let’s not forget about people who are blind or who have poor vision. Audiobooks are great for them, as well. And with Amazon’s Whispersync technology (this is where the Kindle edition and the audiobook edition of a book are in sync so that a reader/listener can easily and seamlessly transition between reading and listening to a book, or doing both simultaneously) those folks who may have issues with reading comprehension or who have reading disorders–such as children or adults with dyslexia–are better able to read and get enjoyment from reading. This, to me, is a great thing. Anything at all that encourages people–especially kids–to read is in my opinion something that is indeed worthy.

Looking at audiobooks from a royalty standpoint, as an author (independent or traditional) you hold the right to have audio versions of your works produced, if you didn’t sell those rights to a publisher with the print and ebook rights. Audiobooks are another income channel that you could be taking advantage of–which is what we at Auspicious Apparatus Press are doing. Sure, there’s an initial investment, just as with other versions of your books, but it’s worth it in the long run to give readers more options. And, if people are like me, they’ll own all or as many different versions of the books by the authors they love as they can. I almost always buy the physical, ebook, and audiobook editions of my favorite authors (King, Rice, Koontz, etc…). Not everyone can or does do that, but for those of us who do it’s nice to have the audiobook option.

I strongly believe that Amazon is going to dominate the audiobook market and begin pushing it just as they did with ebooks. There are currently 30k+ audiobooks available on Audible, and that number grows every day. Every book that Auspicious Apparatus Press publishes will have an accompanying audio edition. We are also going to be publishing straight up audiobook editions, as we’ve done with Greg Wilkey’s Growing Up Dead. If you’re interested in pitching your book for a possible audiobook edition through AAP, you can find out more information here:

-Todd Bareselow, Owner of Auspicious Apparatus Press

   Tomorrow’s post will feature three previously published reviews of the first three Mortimer Drake books I wrote approximately two years ago! They will be republished here, to go along with the week-long theme of this special blog tour!

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