Review of Scarlet Tides by David Hair

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Review Written by: Jessica C.

The second book of the Moontide Quartet takes off running, with no lengthy drag on or recap of Mage’s Blood. It is a bit refreshing that Hair has managed to leave behind the tediously long, drawn out portions of the predecessor in the Moontide Quartet to take on Scarlet Tides in a high pace, action packed start. I was relieved to find that this pace now was consistent for Scarlet Tides  as all of the background and political lay out has been put in its place and now Hair gives to his reader what they are waiting for, action and more adventure.

Scarlet Tides picks up with the Leviathan Bridge is open creating a path between the two continents of Yuros and Antiopia. The reader joins Alaron Mercer in his attempt to recover the Scytale, a powerful artifact, that he once possessed but lost to the girl he loved, Cymbella. Cymbella, however feels that the best place for the Scytale is in the hands of Antonin Meiros even though she is unaware that Meiros is dead. Cymbella’s own journey binds her path that of Ramita.

Another character from Mage’s Blood, Kazim finds his path twining with that of the woman who was once Elena Anborn. David Hair makes it all the more notable that war is pending, and that Gurvon Gyle is the true and shared enemy for many. While so many tales and characters are added to the midst, Hair possesses the talent to weave all of the characters and their stories together seamlessly. As the pace increases and heats to the battle point once again Hair provides the reader with the incredible dynamics of betrayal, love, unexpected friends, and loyalty changing. The man continues to keep himself right on par with George R.R.Martin when it comes to his talent as a writer of epic fantasy.

As we come to the concluding chapters and the epilogue, these remaining chapters are ones that will not disappoint. The anticipation for the third book in the quartet remains as Hair has created an amazing collection of characters that the reader cannot help but feel passionate about. If you had the chance to read Mage’s Blood and were disappointed by the lengthy, drawn out style of the first book but were fond of the characters then you will appreciate Scarlet Tides. Scarlet Tides promises the return of the characters and stories that the reader appreciated along with quick pace that was lacking in its predecessor. Till next time, enjoy your reading!

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  1. sjhigbee says:

    A well written, thoughtful review – and I MUST get around to reading David Hair’s MAGE’S BLOOD on my TBR pile!

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