News about Prince Lestat Live Chat #5/ Special “World of Vampires” Paperback Giveaway!

Live Chat Details: For approximately an hour or so, I will be discussing two or more chapters of Anne Rice’s Prince Lestat. Throughout the live broadcast, you are invited to leave comments or questions-interact in real-time- by doing either one of the following (1) leaving questions on the enabled Question APP, as part of the Google Hangout Live App. (2) Leave comments directly on the Google Hangout Event Wall (arranged in a similar way to a Facebook Event Page) (3) Leave Comments and Questions on the Lestat Book Coven Facebook Group Page.

To RSVP for this coming Thursday’s Prince Lestat Live Chat, Be sure to click  to be redirected to the event page wall for this week’s chat, which will be on February 12th, 2014!


***Win a signed paperback of the first volume of author Dani Hoot’s “World of Vampire” stories, which are a brilliant rehashing of various cultural vampire stories, where the classic horror notions of vampires are reintroduced to help remind you of the horror and psychological potential of the character of the vampire, which has been lacking as of late in more lackluster forms of vampire stories.

I was lucky to have had the opportunity to edit all four short novellas in the book, which are exciting,  heart-racing adrenaline rushes, and intimate psychological portraits of four very diverse characters, who find themselves becoming vampires without any choice in the matter.

Even though, I have had to read all four stories closely a number of times,in the course of meticulously editing them, I still find myself re-reading several stories because they’re very intense and very easy to get esnared by Dani Hoot’s briskly-paced, concise prose.

For more details about the book, you may want to read the following enticing synopsis of this exciting volume of vampire stories:

Vampires around the world are coming forth to remind humans they are not romantic fantasies to be sought, nor are they souls that can be redeemed. These are the stories they must tell. This is the collection of the first four novellas of A World of Vampires Series: Hooh-Strah-Dooh, Baobhan Sith, Strigoi, and Jiangshi. Hooh-Strah-Dooh: Anne Fitzgerald gives the tale of her involvement with the Irish gangs in the 1930s and how her life is full of love, loss, and abuse as she is forced to turn into the Wyandot’s vampire, the hooh-strah-dooh. Baobhan Sith: Captain Henry Williams had everything he wanted back home in England, the woman of his dreams waiting for him, all he had to do was make it home after the war. But as he travels through the Highlands, he finds that fate has another plan for him. Strigoi: Amalia loved living as a traveler through the country of Romania, listening to the music of the night, until she found out the evil that was behind the music. Now she must decide to save her own skin, or bring forth the most evil strigoi ever to roam the world. Jiangshi: Hui Zhang was given a chance to follow his dreams in San Francisco and he took it, but was the money worth the price he paid? Especially when the evil he had done haunts him and his family?

If you are a self-published writer, you may be interested in the adept editing,formatting, and audio-book recording services, offered through my other website- A Bibliophile’s Workshop!

******To enter to win a signed paperback volume of Dani Hoot’s World of the Vampires: Volume 1″click the awesome cover art photo below to be redirected to the Rafflecopter App, where you’ll need to complete certain tasks, in order to win entries for the contest.

IMPORTANT RESTRICTION: Contest only open to those, living in the United States. 

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