Bibliophile’s Reverie Capsule Reviews-“The Lost Level,” By Brian Keene


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Brian Keene’s survival, Gay Paulsen-ish, adventure romp is packed with Light/New-Age/ but fun “Magic” Physics, multiple dimensions, an exciting, nail-biting action/adventure story which is reminiscent of the film Predator and Alien. The story involves an erudite young physics magician of sorts, who is able to travel through different dimensions, as he has the ability to discern the otherwise invisible boundaries between different dimensions.

The story is very fun, frenetically-paced, even though there could have been a bit more substance in the character development department. Mainly, the story’s biggest focus is on telling a rousing adventure, survival story, which has a fun pulp-fiction vibe that is not meant to be taken seriously. Sometimes, we need purely fun, adrenaline-driven books, with some campy doses of pseudoscience and “magic physics,” which Brian Keene’s ” The Lost Level” provides in large, heady doses. I could have done without some of the long-winded descriptions, which may have needed some tighter editing. But the writing is mostly clear for the most part, and moves along, allowing readers to easily get invested in the character’s journey out of the hazardous, danger-filled “Lost Level,” where things like flesh-eating blades of grass exist.

So if you’re looking for something exciting, fun, reminiscent of Predator and Alien, with some briskly-moving action scenes, and heart-racing suspense, this is definitely the story for you. For the type of story that Brian Keeene sought out to write, it definitely succeeds on the level of a fun adventure romp with a hearty dose of campiness to lighten the mood! Just don’t get any bad ideas, from this story, about trying to bend time and space, or you may get trapped in the “Lost Level,” a dimension more dangerous than the Water Temple in the Legend of Zelda:Orcarina of Time.

Readers of Bibliophile’s Reverie: Tread Carefully through your own dimensional space, or you’ll find yourself inescably trapped in a quasi-Water Temple, dimensional flux of sorts, even more dangerous than Brian Keene’s “Lost Level.”

Tea Blend Recommendation:

*Mountain Rose Herb’s “Mint Chocolate Mate.”

Mountain Rose Herb’s delicious, energizing “Mint Chocolate Mate” blend definitely goes very well, when one is traveling through different dimensions and requires the energy to quickly adapt to their surroundings. Mate is a wonderful energy-boosting herb that grants you the energy, without making you crashing hours later. The cacao contains important antioxidants, and also relieves stress and tension, which should help you keep your cool, when you realize that they various plants and fauna around you have an aberrant taste for human flesh. Getting lost in a perilous “Lost Level,” can be infinitely difficult without tea to spare you some useless angst.

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